Dan @danwebster

Seattle, WA, USA

Biomedical researcher at non-profit org and app developer on the side. Made the Mole Mapper research app for tracking moles on the skin for melanoma research.


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Darla @darla2

Seattle, WA, USA

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Sarah @sarahuk

United Kingdom

Psoriasising since 1997...
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Michelle @mishlyn

Ontario, Canada

One of my biggest lessons in life and with Psorasis is: ❤when you change t...
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Shauna @Shaunaob

Dublin, Ireland

Psoriasis is not all of you, it's just a part of you like everything else!
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Tracy @teeguu

Vancouver, BC, Canada

I developed guttate psoriasis in 2016. Please check out my blog as I docu...
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Jill @jillybean

Winlock, WA, United States

I retired 2 years ago and am having a blast! My greatest test of strength cam...
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Gina @gina1

Tenino, WA, United States

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Lauriejean @poohbear

Sequim, WA, United States

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vicky @vicky3

Olympia, WA, United States

Getting old is not for Sissys ! I am 68 and have inverse p. very miserable. ...
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Kathy @kathy9146

Olympia, WA, United States

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Laura @laura253

Lacey, WA, United States

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renee @renee6

Orting, WA, United States

im a recluse but love my family
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Penny @penny169

Spanaway, WA, United States

Hi; my name is Penny Clark; and I live with my husband. I am very excited ab...
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Laura @laura1973

Buckley, WA, United States

Survival with psoriatic arthritis has taught me humility and patients.
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Pam @pam787

Everett, WA, United States

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MyFallingLeaves @myfallingleaves

Auburn, WA, United States

I hate it when people (family mostly) give me a hard time about wearing hats!...
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janet @janet

Kent, WA, United States

i am the mum of four nan of seven boys now i am a mum of two beautiful dogs
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john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

Salisbury, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

I am full of white scars :), I am a maintenance operative in my job, i am a...
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Richard @richard1957

Tacoma, WA, United States

Snows indoors and out now here in Washington state!?
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