darren @darreny

Sparks, NV, USA


darren - Apparently I was the only one using that particular tanning bed on a regular basis in the last 6 ... More »
darren - So the owner not wanting to deal with 'flakes' trying to sell it or deal with storage offered it ... More »
Michelle - Fantastic Darren. And so you benefit out of it! That's really excellent news :)
john,Hulk - Hello Darren, Not for me, Real sun light is best though dont get much in the Uk, :)
Rosey - Stress is good for me, well good because I'm not in flamed cause of it,my stress is brother I hav... More »
Susan - darren personally I think stress is stress. A fun party can be a stress. Drivers can be a stres... More »
Erica - It depends yes, small things can irritate me but real stress is a trigger. Last night an animal s... More »
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