Darwin michael

Darwin michael @darwin1115

Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines

Im a superman who constantly sheds skin 😂


Mishlyn - Glad last night was a better sleep for you Darwin :) Sorry to hear about the lemon, did the stin... More »
Darwin michael - The sting lasted quite a while. So i had to go with the ice.
Glenn - When I get disturbed sleep and itchy, I just wodge (technical term for put on 😂) some moisturisin... More »
Isobel - No I dont
Darwin michael - thanks agAIN!
Michelle - Hi Darwin. I'm sure you can apply the lemon as often as you like. That's what I do. I have 2 lemo... More »
Sarah - Great to see you back, Darwin michael! Loads of people seem to get improvements with curcumin, it... More »
Mishlyn - Awesome Darwin! Fingers crossed it continues calming down!
Darwin michael - thanks sarah and michelle. sure feeling hopeful about curcu min. i stopped taking oral meds for P... More »
Psoriatic4good - That's the sprit!
Cristina - Thats nice i was planning to do that also :)
Deleted account - What a lucky man you are to live near a beach!! What I'd give to have the same! Enjoy :-)
Psoriatic4good - Only way to get rid of that is biologic injections IMHO... Everything else is just postponing.
Jarbu - Hi darwin! Take usana product. It will help you.
Jarbu - Let me know how can i help you. Are you from philippines?
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