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john,Hulk - hello david ,.I mainly talk to none flakers about it , it gives them understanding that i have th... More »
Sarah - Yes I do find it hard to know whether people would appreciate a conversation about it, or run a m... More »
agb - the people who talk to me about psoriasis are a relative of the person who has psoriasis. They kn... More »
Bev - I haven't. But then I didn't know P was a auto immune till I joined the grouo
Sarah - Not for p or autoimmune stuff but I think it is used in substance abuse for withdrawal or similar...
Sarah - I haven't David, but my husband's mum and dad both have been following the 5:2 diet for over a ye... More »
Mishlyn - Hi David--very interesting! I have not heard about the lectins before, but just did a couple quic... More »
Sarah - Hi David! That sounds intriguing... Very interesting. I notice on one of your previous posts, you... More »
Anonymous - Hi Sarah. Low dose [...] Astaxanthin, Omega 3. Moringa. Balanced diet. Serrapeptase and nattokina... More »
Susan - David that is really interesting... I just googled lectins and the foods we eat that put lectin i... More »
georgette - Great to hear I am also trying to get info on normalizing my immune system any good sites to st... More »
Joanna - David. Can u share what is working
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