darren @dc48

Halifax, UK


darren - i will give the lemon treatment a go, but will try and resist pouring it down the rectum ravine. ... More »
john,Hulk - I did it yesterday, squeezed it down there it was painful, think i will have to give it a break ... More »
Mishlyn - I put it on directly too, rubbing the lemon on my skin. Good luck!! I hope it can work well for y... More »
Naima - I use ice or a cold footbath with dead sea salt when my feet are itchy... then moisterize, helps ... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Darren, coconut oil mixed with teatree oil has always been really soothing for me. I am curren... More »
darren - Hello there, i will try the lemon effect and hopefully it may help me stop scratching like a wild... More »
Polyp - I tried UV some years ago. I didn't have the reaction that you did but it got worse rather than b... More »
john,Hulk - yes i read up on this, got to be careful with your bits in my case my lizard if i were doing tha... More »
Petra - Like pretty much every treatment, it's not a permanent fix unfortunately
Ragazza - It's strange... here in my country we have some warm sunny days.. not good at all for my Pso It ... More »
darren - if i was rhino, my skin would be smooth the amount of moisturiser its had on it
Kelly - Coconut oil stops me from itching
Sue - Hi, I have had UV treatment many times, over 30 years, and it is amazing. It does not cure it but... More »
byron - i my name is byron i had the uv treatmeant once it worked well i have stopped now as i got bert a... More »
byron - the only thing that works well is sun worm country good food ie fruit veg take away prosed food
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