Debakshi @debakshi

Flag-bearer of congenital generalised pustular psoriasis. My skin often looks like it's gonna burst into flames and sometimes I fancy I have the gray scale disease (refer Game of Thrones). Cannot pull a heist because I leave DNA evidence EVERYWHERE!


Debakshi - Nice Susan. Thank you. It is very very difficult to say that to oneself you know. I have noticed ... More »
Susan - Debakshi as a girl we tend to compare ourselves to other hot babes out there. One thing I did ab... More »
john, DARTS VADER - hello debakshi, yes I have many times and not too long ago, I didnt realise how bad my face looke... More »
Debakshi - @Foody -thanks for the reply. Ummm...Of course there is a good chance that it is because I am dr... More »
Kim - That's interesting. I've never thought of anything like that before.
Fadeela - Weird that... fear of a flare up maybe
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