Debbie @debbie1983

Glasgow, UK

Care assistant


Kay - I was offered it at work but refused. I dont trust it just yet.
carol - I am 77 and will get it soon. I am happy to have it to keep loved ones and friends safe.
NicholasNick - I’m a carer too, I’m waiting to be contacted. I am going to have it but worried about possible si... More »
Claire - Debbie, I'm glad to read that you are feeling better. Are you keeping a diary of how you feel? S... More »
Michael O’Rourke - I had The first shot 3 1/2 weeks ago and I have no reactions of the psoriasis. Only reaction I h... More »
Sid - Had my first shot today...much like a flu jab and over before I knew it - unlike my biologic inje... More »
Polar - Hey Debbie how are you? For inverse places Daivonex works so nice for me. It is D vitamin on cre... More »
JULIA - I found Daivonex works well too
Eric - Posted this long ago. In the evening or staying at home anyways shower and wash scalp very well.... More »
Lynn - My niece is a nutritionist and said it is awesome for your body, health, and other issues anyone ... More »
Paul - I’ll give it a try
deborah - Not familiar... he he seriously though do you eat it or rub it on
Tobin - Sole inserts and thick socks fixed mine
Debbie - I have inserts for shoes from physio and stretches to do also.i can't wear healed shoes at all no... More »
steve - I used to have both, but now I have neither. My recommendations are first make sure you are gett... More »
Jan - I would suggest she read up on this subject. I mist admit I was rather surprised when my daught... More »
Elaine - Unfortunately, we're all human and react out of ignorance and fear. I remember people staring at... More »
Elaine - Debbie, I'm so sorry that happened :( How to deal with it is the tough part. I am dumb-founded ... More »
john,Hulk - Hello Debbie, Have you tried Alphosyl 2 in 1 , it does help me , if scalp bad i would leave it on... More »
Debbie - Thankyou michelle ❤
Debbie - Ive never heard of that app sarah will give it ago thanks x
Jack - Aromatherapy oils worked for me with psoriasis and eczema. Use 10ml base oil e.g. primroseoil add... More »
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