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Sid @sid
I didn't realise how much having psoriasis actually affected me till it start...
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Jane @jane2431

Huntersville, NC, USA

I was made for sunny days!
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Scott @BrooklynRoads

Western, NY, United States

Nice to know there is a group like this where you can freely talk about all y...
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Albus @albus

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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Darlene @darlene

Roswell, GA, USA

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Amy97 @amy97
21, have had psoriasis for over eleven years
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Joel @joel

Fairfield, OH, United States

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lyn @lyns

Germiston, South Africa

I am a widow for the past 11 years, I live on my own, my three children have...
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Joe @joe51

Vereeniging, Gauteng, South Africa

I have a dark sense of humour, you have to when you have psoriasis.
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Md @md
Want a psoriasis free world
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Rebekah @rebekah

Sydney NSW, Australia

Friendly and outgoing. Suffered with psoriasis since I was 9... I’m now 27. ...
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Mark @mark532

Paeroa, Waikato, New Zealand

Love animals. Horses mostly Try to help as many as I can
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Johan @Wagenaar

Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa

I love my Creator
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JODI @jodi

Durban, South Africa

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