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Feltham, UK

Introvert, hate being the centre of attention!


Clint - No creams use a cut 🍋 lemon rub it on affected area leave on until you shower then repeat😎
Debbie - I’m juniors to try as they are very sore as is, not sure I could stand the stinging!
Clint - It don't hurt if it stings you can wash it off.
Michelle - lol John. I love your sense of humor. you make me laugh. It's ridiculous what we pay for medicat... More »
Sarah - It is so expensive. Like the Aveeno I buy, very costly! But I do it anyway... I have to cut out o... More »
Michelle - Sarah, Aveeno in SA isn't very expensive. Cheaper than my coal tar. I'm still waiting for my chem... More »
Sarah - So sad when it spirals like that... it soon gets out of hand. It's great you've got your appointm... More »
Debbie - I hear so my much about using lemons but worried about any burning or making it worse, what exact... More »
john,Hulk - Hello Debbie, cut a slice, sqeeze and rub it in, it may start to itch and feel a little sore that... More »
Mishlyn - when I first heard of acv directly on the skin, I honestly thought it was a bizarre idea and didn... More »
Naima - Hi Debbie, I now exactly how you feel! Sometimes my feet are so itchy that it wakes me up and can... More »
Stephanie - The itching is my warning that I’m about to have a flare. And standing or walking in the heat w... More »
Margaret R - I just developed this type (none if any kind before, .after my thyroid med was switched to a diff... More »
Ang - Steroid cream Doesn’t work for for me, have to try the vinegar sea salt treatment, can u tell me ... More »
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