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Halifax, NS, Canada


Michelle - Hi Rajeshbabu. Hope you are well and your P is treating you kind?
deborah - Thank you all. :)
Michelle - In not sure but it might be because of the plus and negative I combine? I could be wrong but my d... More »
Michelle - Hey Deborah, it was a process of elimination for me too. I followed *The Whole 30* approach, best... More »
Sarah - This is so true, it is VERY tough! I always thought my p wasn't diet related... until the past ye... More »
Clint - Hydrogen peroxide removes wax and produces pure oxygen that cures your ear
Ava - I saturate a Q-tip with hydrogen peroxide and CAREFULLY reach as far into the ear as I can, being... More »
Sue - Wow,im going to get me some hydrogen ,all these things I'm learning
Clint - Both of you are to cute...
Michelle - Well done Deborah! That is one of the hardest parts taking that step. I am proud of you too!
Sarah - Amazing! Get those pins out lady!
Michelle - Humidity is a big cause for flaring my P Deborah. That and air pollution. (apart from the bad foo... More »
deborah - I'm going to mix up a batch of your spray Ava, maybe that will help. Cool, thanks.
Ava - Praying that it works for you, Deborah! I HATE itching! 🦋
deborah - Thank you all. I've resisted replying to all text messages also. Even those with an 'incentive' t... More »
Michelle - 🇨🇦Happy Canada Day Long Weekend Deborah! 🇨🇦 Good to hear you have some time off, you deserve it! ... More »
deborah - Michelle, I SO wish I could manage 2 days off in a row more often. I do have 2 off in a week some... More »
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