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Steve - Most might be in the same boat as me with Corona virus, since I've been on Bio's for 17yrs & lack... More »
dave - Had my jab , phyzer one , dead easy , in and out in 15 mins , no issues at all just a sore arm fo... More »
Debbie - Good Morning! Just searching for feedback on biologics. Got vaccine and psoriasis got severe. R... More »
Michelle - Sounds great Deborah! Ill think a bit and please do share with us. :)
john,Hulk - If burns or feels like burning Zain, best stop using it there or it can get worse, my advice tho... More »
Genevieve - I'm trying a cannabis oil cream - and I don't think it's really making a difference yet...oh well... More »
deborah - Maybe it depends on the recipe Genevieve? I had positive results almost instantly. I hope it work... More »
Michelle - Haha, love your sense of humour. That 30% is awesome! Don't think about the 70%. You ate clearing... More »
Lou - Never knew diet could impact my p as much as it does .
deborah - Getting rid if the gluten did work for me Lou. I still have as much P, but it's not as angry look... More »
Linda - Thank you Rosy and Clint!
Rosey - No need for thanks,as no idea why being thanked,i take onboard and search and hope and ppl help m... More »
Sarah - That's so difficult when you put in effort with your diet and lifestyle only to see things worsen... More »
Sarah - You are a fighter. We are strong people!
Jill - So sorry to hear..I know how you feel as I too am pretty much covered...I have given up dairy, ni... More »
Erica - Sounds like you are having a rough time there Deborah. Hope you will feel better soon x
Rosey - Not an issue,use lemons ,skin missing,but cover up and it's winter,having that won't kill me , li... More »
Sarah - Maybe this is why my skin reacted badly to lemon...
deborah - Maybe, I didn't know it was photosensitive. I think that's important to know. Ouch!
deborah - Okay, my blood pressure meds were replaced two weeks ago due to a recall on my other one. I think... More »
Jill - Humidity cratering me...hate it...
deborah - Yup, I'm with you Jill. Chin up :)
deborah - Nice comment Glenn and true enough. Thank you.
Jannie - Being kind and loving and true to yourself beats sexy glamour every day of the week.
Aleksandar - Listen to Jannie, that's the best way.
Michelle - In not sure but it might be because of the plus and negative I combine? I could be wrong but my d... More »
Mishlyn - Hey Deborah, it was a process of elimination for me too. I followed *The Whole 30* approach, best... More »
Sarah - This is so true, it is VERY tough! I always thought my p wasn't diet related... until the past ye... More »
Ava - I saturate a Q-tip with hydrogen peroxide and CAREFULLY reach as far into the ear as I can, being... More »
Rosey - Wow,im going to get me some hydrogen ,all these things I'm learning
Clive - I know that this response is way late , but i too am suffering with the inner and outer ear - hea... More »
Clint - Both of you are to cute...
Mishlyn - Well done Deborah! That is one of the hardest parts taking that step. I am proud of you too!
Sarah - Amazing! Get those pins out lady!
Michelle - Humidity is a big cause for flaring my P Deborah. That and air pollution. (apart from the bad foo... More »
deborah - I'm going to mix up a batch of your spray Ava, maybe that will help. Cool, thanks.
Ava - Praying that it works for you, Deborah! I HATE itching! 🦋
deborah - Thank you all. I've resisted replying to all text messages also. Even those with an 'incentive' t... More »
Mishlyn - 🇨🇦Happy Canada Day Long Weekend Deborah! 🇨🇦 Good to hear you have some time off, you deserve it! ... More »
deborah - Michelle, I SO wish I could manage 2 days off in a row more often. I do have 2 off in a week some... More »
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