Des @des1

Coventry, UK


john,Hulk - Des ,good luck, i personally wouldnt do it but, if you do, i wish you well, thank you :)
Des - @ Dave. Goats milk, I totally forgot about that stuff. I used to drink loads of it as a boy might... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Des, dairy is one of my biggest triggers as well! I'm happy to hear you have found relief from... More »
Sarah - That is ace Des, I'm currently just reducing dairy so sometimes use "alternative" milks but dont ... More »
Mike - Winter is typically worst for most. Dry heat from our heating systems certainly doesn't help pso... More »
john,Hulk - hello mike ,or if one has dry eyes from psoriatic arthritis :(i hate radiator heat, not good for... More »
Susan - I consider myself healed with my diet and lifestyle changes plus the Moringa so fortunately winte... More »
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