Diana @diana6

Nashville, NC, United States

I love gardens and flowers, I am a Florist by trade.


Bev - I've never tried Lemon on my ears Diana. Mine healed up with a few days of steroid gel and then k... More »
Diana - Thanks Bev, Inside and outside of my years was the first place I ever got psoriasis over 50 yea... More »
Jen - Yes why not Diana, can't hurt.
Sarah - Hey Diana, that sounds amazing and something I would totally try. I love honey, the smell, the pr... More »
Diana - Hemp oil on Knees, elbows, and lower back. Back is clear now but still apply it there for safety ... More »
Mishlyn - Welcome back Diana! So great to hear your success with CBD's, that is fantastic!! :D
Lee - I found Hemp lotion at Sallys Beauty supply. It works well.
john,Hulk - happy new year diana and hopefully a flake free one , happy new year :)
Susan - Happy New Year Diana as well.
Mishlyn - Hi Diana, mine initially turns bright and itchy-inflamed and then scaley.
Deleted account - When mine flares up I wake up in the middle of the night scratching and have bled also, I bought ... More »
Nan195 - One of my two little patches goes dry and peels off if I don't treat and Band-Aid it soonest. Ve... More »
Diana - Sometimes mindless is good, it keeps the stress level down :-)
Diana - My job is mindless also. The manager is kind of "controlling", she likes things done her way. So ... More »
Susan - Diane you are very right. I actually have pretty much zero stress and for that I am grateful. T... More »
Pamela - What's the diet change for scalp psoriasis- I will change my diet, I love my hair-I have a few ba... More »
Diana - Hi Pamela, the diet is a life style change. It has been a gradual process in the works. In Flamy... More »
mark - hello ladies, how good is this essential oil for hair ?
Diana - how much of your diet is raw and how much cooked? I think It is easier to eat salads but more sa... More »
Shawn - Moving is certainly super stressful - I eat a salad every day for lunch - but I love roasted vegg... More »
Gina - Hi Shawn good morning 🌻
Sarah - I never eat alone, always with my children, and they need to regularly eat many of the things I s... More »
Niamh - I generally eat alone and love being able to pick my own foods. I tend to eat out a lot with frie... More »
Shawn - I eat alone at home - well my two chihuahuas are always close in case I drop one crumb - but sinc... More »
Susan - Diane you are funny... I just think about it. Never have it though. If I do then it's just a ta... More »
Diana - Susan when I wrote the post I was wanting to know what people do to Avoid eating Grannies goodies... More »
Susan - Diana I knew what you meant. I was trying to plant a subliminal message. LOL... Reprogramming o... More »
michael - Diana .may be taking cod liver oil capsules may do the same for joints in your knees. Good healt... More »
Jill - That is a great idea!!
Nan195 - Hi Diana, they say that Cod Liver Oil Capsules daily sorts out our joints 🌹
Diana - I bet you can. I saw recipes for oatmeal scrubs for sensitive skin. Just Google it.
Mishlyn - I bet tea tree oil would be a very nice addition to the scrub 😀 I'm excited to give it a try. Tha... More »
Gail - TCH and CBD Salves are the BEST!! If you can get it, I highly recommend. My Psoriasis do not it... More »
Jill - Diana- I went through a period where I moved 3 times in a year....it was awful! :( There is ... More »
Diana - Hey Jill, yes it is.... but it has played havoc on my psoriasis.... grabbing fast food here and t... More »
Susan - Diana that's terrific... I downsized when I got separated and every year I get rid of even more. ... More »
john,Hulk - south of the uk England :)
Shawn - From Goldsboro NC - live in Tallahassee FL now
Ruby - Nope..Canada
Diana - Hey Mike, It is my personal email box. I am always clicking on articles about psoriasis tryin... More »
Mike - Legitimate emails will have an unsubscribe button you can use. If you click unsubscribe it should... More »
john,Hulk - no I havnt received anything on this :)
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