Dickey Reyatt

Dickey Reyatt @dickeyreyatt

Uxbridge, United Kingdom

Lonely even with people around.


Susan - Dickey to tell someone about what you use, click on their picture then send them a private messag... More »
Dickey Reyatt - Will do susan. Thanks.
Nan195 - Would you share the name of your Cream please Dickey Reyatt with a message to me, I’m interested ... More »
exx - Hey! Definitely not an expert, but in my opinion, you have a choice to make. I'm in no way saying... More »
Dickey Reyatt - Thanks exx. Will keep you guys posted. Any day soon, I'll be free.
Janice - My husband is causing me so much stress and it is getting worse, I think he has early stages of d... More »
Cristina - I also want to do a tattoo now and I am scared that psoriasis will appear after :(
Ilze - Do it when you skin is bad anyway!! :D I've had psoriasis-issues once or twice with tattoos bu... More »
Dickey Reyatt - Will do guys. Thanks for the encouragement.
Dickey Reyatt - What's your monthly cost on vape bud? If you don't mind me asking?
john,Hulk - no its ok, around 20 pounds i think or there abouts and i do puff a lot , i do look for offers on... More »
Dickey Reyatt - Cheers bud. I'll look into it
john,Hulk - hello dickey, yes i have hard water where i am, i used to live in a hotel years ago and they used... More »
Flaym - Working on it! A few weeks away. Mobile website is great btw ;)
Dickey Reyatt - It's just that the notifications don't come through sometimes and you have to keep checking . Lol... More »
Manif - coffee is not the issue in my case. smoke is an issue as I used to do a lot of hookah. low carb d... More »
Cindy - I have never drank coffee or smoked in my life...am a very fussy eater, no sugar and have allways... More »
Jan - All at once? Messy! Seriously I only eat n drink minimal of both bananas n coffee, everyt... More »
Jan - Northamptonshire....but scalp psoriasis darn it ! I never realised so many get this condition, ... More »
Dickey Reyatt - Hi Jan, thank you for your comment and bang on. That is true.
Mrsjonesjnr - I'm in Kent so not far away x
Shirley - At the moment no creams or working on me , I've had the light treatment 3 time now this will be m... More »
Sue McCutcheon - Because of stress I have been through this year, I decided that I would try the light treatment a... More »
Kathy - My husband has tried this and it worked but you do have to be carful of the sun long sleeves an l... More »
Beverly - I always say: I will get a tee shirt printed up saying, " Yes I have psoriasis , and its not cat... More »
Kathy - I know where you are coming from with this statement
Nan195 - Others who don't have P or know about it do act with surprise when they see someone with P. Some ... More »
Cindy - Welcome, dickey...you won't feel lonely here...there is so many wonderful people just like us😀
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