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Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

I just want confidence despite having this! Follow me on Instagram but let me know in DM that you found me through here!


John,Toxin portal patch - Its possible why healthy living is good for us,not saying you dont live healthy ,maybe a trigger ... More »
Dionna - I see. Been having this 2 years back. Was taking supplements previously it should be for a long r... More »
John,Toxin portal patch - Your welcome Dionna,we are all here to help each other :).I say reduce the bad foods in time and... More »
Michelle - You know Dionna, I was without a job for almost 5 months, but when I lost my job, I went for a lo... More »
Dionna - Thank you so much to each and everyone that supported and continue supporting! I have upcoming in... More »
Michelle - Good luck with the upcoming interviews Dionna and may the best job win :)
Julie - I just rub the lemon on my P before bed at night. It stings for a bit, but seems to help. I find ... More »
Dionna - I see..major part of my P is my scalp..I tried lime before and it became worse (I had bleeding). ... More »
Julie - I don’t have any on my scalp, only on my legs and elbows. Best wishes fir some relief.
Michelle - Dionna, we are not always there to keep people happy but to do our job. Going for a job interview... More »
Dionna - Michelle, you just inspire me to be better always! I’ll definitely let everyone know here how it ... More »
Michelle - Wonderful and again, good luck :)
Dionna - Heyyyy John,hope you’ll have a good one too! Let our P be better this year 🧐
John,DARTS VADER - Thank you,Dionna, i will flake fowards and upwards in 2019, all the best to you :)
Michelle - Happy new year Dionne. :)
Michelle - I know how you feel Dionna. I had scalp P but not severe. My P started when I colored my hair fo... More »
Sue - I wash my hair with the blue dawn soap and rinse with vinegar. Removes the hard patches and the i... More »
Dionna - Today I washed my hair with an oil based shampoo and rinsed my scalp with vinegar..the flakes are... More »
Michelle - Well my wish for you is to find the relieve in your P and be happy. Sometimes its better to be al... More »
Dionna - Tell me about it..I don’t want to be with someone if they’re gonna reject me just because I have ... More »
Michelle - Haha oh and the Christmas food is delicious! I'm sure you enjoyed it. Like John said, we have to ... More »
Dionna - Thanks for having me here..let’s just support one another 🤘🏽
Michelle - Hi Dionna. Welcome to Flaym. Yes we are here to support each other. Have you looked at our theme ... More »
Dionna - I haven’t looked through the theme section yet..Will definitely check it out..Just wanted to say ... More »
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