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Be proud of your body ❤ We are beautiful the way we are! 💚


Mike - For the best results sometimes you need to combine a scalp oil and topical cream together with yo... More »
Jack - I found Psoriatrax pretty good when I had scalp P!
Dolores - Thank you very much! I am trying for years to keep my head clean from P. Now my body is clean but... More »
Shahieda Brown - Hi Dolores, you mentioned a UV lamp? Can one purchase that at a pharmacy or do you see a dermatol... More »
Susan - Good for you! That is the lifestyle change that we all see on Flaym!
Susan - Dolores I think if we really want to try, then we do whatever. I know I did. I've seen some pos... More »
Dolores - Mishlyn i have my treatments at home , I bought a small Uv lamp and I am using it every day. Fo... More »
john,Hulk - the natural route is the safest way but it is a choice for all,believe me i feel i gave up a lot ... More »
Danny - i am always positive :)
Eddie - Hi Dolores,what's the authors name as this book sounds interesting?.Hope you are well
john,Hulk - its good if you can do that dolores, i have helped quite a few people here but, its a choice thou... More »
Dolores - The author is Hanna Silitoe. There are a lot of recipes in the book. You can check her instagram ... More »
john,Hulk - i am back to diet nowas i want to get ny skin better again, it was part of an experiment aswell t... More »
Dolores - Hello John. When my skin is itchy I am making a bath full with Death salts. Believe me or not aft... More »
john,Hulk - yes being positive helps the body aswell if one can do,some changes are better than nothing in m... More »
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