Don @don1

Ottawa, ON, Canada

I love to flyfish, camp and cook and grow weird tropical plants in the winter. I'm pretty active considering I have a number of conditions associated with psoriasis...graves ,arthritis all associated with my autoimmune system.


Cherryl - Wish you well with your new beginnings. A positive always comes from a negative 🦋
Sarah - This is currently happening around me in my family too... it is hard for all involved and quite e... More »
Don - thank you for all your feelings and advice. I'm ok... for me it was a great thing to get off my... More »
Susan - I love this Don. I'm with you. Road less travelled. More exciting but also less buying into th... More »
Don - informed patient is a great patient.....especially about medications....hope this does no... More »
Deleted account - Great valid point raised Don.
Deleted account - Don good point about meds did you know that a real popular med right now that is being used for... More »
Deleted account - Hi Don, thanks for asking. I take an image or photograph which I convert to black and white, prin... More »
Don - wow...that's kinda we can see you Creations? don
Deleted account - Hi Don, the instagram icon is on my profile.
Mishlyn - Thanks for the tip Don! I will give it a go! 😀
Susan - Good idea Don. Alot less costly than stain removal or new sheets for that matter. Thanks
Deleted account - If its only a dot or two, your own saliva will lift the stain as it carries an enzyme that will d... More »
Susan - Don the light they probably use is UVB rays. You can only stand in front of them with goggles u... More »
john,Hulk - hello don, i could do all that but, false uv is not good for us, been many here have had skin can... More »
Don - Thanks everyone....but i only got through the vetting process for this therapy. I have been told... More »
Don - Nice to meet everyone....I have tried to state my medications to another poster....and even on st... More »
Susan - Don, you and everyone on this site are part of a great community. We are all in this road of lif... More »
john,Hulk - welcome to flaym don,no i am not doing that type of treatment, i am doing diet/lifestyle changes... More »
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