Dwnfle @dwnfle

Yucca Valley, CA, United States

Been living with this for 30 year's. Mommy of 3 just want them to find something that works for me.


Dwnfle - I will let you know this afternoon when I get home. I'll give you that list and my own stuff I us... More »
Sarah - Flaym don't permit discussion of named medications but we can discuss in general terms!
Brendon - What cream is that? I have a bad scalp psor. Please help me
Sarah - Hey Dwnfle! Welcome to Flaym! Some people here do discuss clinical trials... theres a section for... More »
RedSpotEliminator - I've done two in the past. It's up to you - just be sure to read carefully the document they wan... More »
Mishlyn - Good Luck with your appointment tomorrow Dwnfle! Hope you can get some relief soon!
Dwnfle - So went to the Doc yesterday, she prescribed me another skin cream to hold me over untill my refe... More »
Marie - Good news, so happy u saw ur doctor. Looks like everything going well my friend. Take care.
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