Keith @dysentery4you

When neighborhood kids ask why my elbows look like this, I tell them that I fell off a skateboard and it tore all my skin off there. They're pretty impressed.


Susan - Keith good word. Smoothies. LOL. I like it.
Clint - So we are a little rough around the edges
john,Chewweeeeee - Its funny Sarah,when i talk to clear skins about lifestyle changes etc , i make them feel the odd... More »
Clint - As inflammation leaves your immune system is having less things to fight you are winning 😊
Ramona - I think I will try this its mainly on the palms of my hands and bottom of my feet
Clint - Treat all areas if you can they are related
Michelle - Hey Keith, Maybe you can buy light coloured seat covers, possibly?
Sarah - Oh dear Keith! During flares my car is disgusting. And embarrassing! The seatbelt and chair creas... More »
Sarah - A very honest feeling Keith, welcome to Flaym! It's amazing how many people either don't see or d... More »
Paul - You have nothing to hide, You are not your condition, if anyone has a problem with your skin it m... More »
Susan - Keith the longer you are on Flaym the more confidence you will gain about baring it all! We've a... More »
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