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Susan - Diet changes Edvin is how I started.
Sarah - I guess it depends what type they are! Guttate spots on me were red, and those responded well to ... More »
Edvin - Now im trying coconut oil mix withherbs
Mishlyn - Very nice 😀 What herbs are you using Edvin?
Edvin - Im using henna mix with coconut oil
Cassierose - Loads of my family have psoriasis. Some just as bad as me and some have just a few patches. A que... More »
Cheryl - The derma that I went to (for a whole 5 min 😈) told me that everyone carries it in their genetics... More »
john,Hulk - why i believe we have the genetic make up of p but,needs a trigger, mine was being born, think th... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Edvin, T-gel has worked really good for me in the past. Have you ever tried it?
michael - Try using a lotion called Diprosalic, works well for me,
Sarah - I'd add exercise to remjnd you that your body and mind are strong
john,Hulk - sounds good :)
Mishlyn - Create a list of all that you are grateful for big and small things. Hang it on your fridge or so... More »
Deleted account - My ex husband commented that my psoriasis looked like elephant skin...one of the MANY red-flagged... More »
Dave - Sorry to be blunt but that's absolute bollocks...there are lots of caring and understanding peopl... More »
Jayne - my soon to be ex husband told me it was like sleeping with a rhino
Ats - Use t gel shampoo for hair,see difference in two months.
Mishlyn - Oh wow! That does sound very interesting indeed! Does it give you good relief Edvin?
Ats - Really ,will try that
Jill - Me too! I know they are working on it, but we all present so differently....with different trigg... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Edvin, I wish the same thing. I truly believe food is thy medicine...to get to the root causes... More »
Jill - What types of things are you trying?
Mishlyn - I wish you good heath and healing Edvin! 😊
Susan - Edvin what's the worst that can happen? You have to go back on steroidal creams. I truly think ... More »
Anita - Yes, I do!
Emma - Yes! It's incredibly frustrating, I find it to be the most itchy place that I have P. There are l... More »
Jan - Yes many of us I expect. I use T-Gel shampoo. It helps. Though I have not long joined this grou... More »
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