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Had psoriasis since I was 14, I'm 23 now and currently going through a flare up 😥. From the UK.


Mishlyn - Oh so happy you can see your GP today Eilish! I am sorry for your pain and I hope you can get som... More »
Sarah - Yaaaaah Eilish, so sore! That sensation is so horrible. I get that under my skin too when I get f... More »
Gabriela - So sorry to hear that. My derm once prescibed some allergy medications that make me kinda sleepy.... More »
Paul - Any stress /Anxiety has a knock on effect in my case the only way I felt with it was to get rid o... More »
Sarah - Oh no, anxiety and flare up... yes can see how these would go hand in hand. Glad to see that you ... More »
Susan - Oh dear Eilish. Hence my postings all the time about working from the inside with mind/body/soul... More »
Mishlyn - That is really great to hear Eilish! Has your diet or mood changed at all? Maybe less focus on yo... More »
Sarah - Ace! Amazing! Woop! Frustrating not knowing what is working, but hey, I'm sure you're going with it!
Andrew - Yeah if i do get it bk under control don't think i will have any idea what help it cos I've chang... More »
Mishlyn - Sorry to hear that Eilish, I hope it doesn't get too bad for you. This winter I have been using m... More »
Elaine - Best thing is to put occlusions on. Smother your feet in Vaseline and cover with plastic bags but... More »
Sarah - Sounds so painful Eilish... Flaym is here to support you to a better place with all the experienc... More »
Jan - I have 23 and have no problems!!
Shirley - Thanks for letting me know Kim x
Shirley - Hi Eilish that good to know. No we shouldn’t be dictated by our pain or any other conditions. We ... More »
Jacky - Don’t know about peeling hands, but I get it on my palms too. I was told it was a form of dermati... More »
Joan - My hands, particularly palms have been red, flacky peeling and sore. I wear cotton gloves (wilko ... More »
Eilish - Been to the doctor today and he said it is psoriasis on my palm and fingers and to keep an eye on... More »
Deleted account - and which particular piece of voodoo are you selling Shaun!
Deleted account - Not yet anyway huh Shawn? ;-)
Deleted account - You are here: » Welcome to the MPKB » Alternative models for chronic disease » Autoimmune theory ... More »
Deleted account - Have a look at the label, no fragrance, no parabens, as natural as possible.
Eilish - Thanks everyone! I've been using cetraben but can't seem to find a balanced moisturiser that make... More »
Anne Angel - I use pure cocoa-butter - makes the skin smooth and is not itching - for me. Argan oil also worke... More »
Psoriatic4good - Hang in there! No stress for You today!!!
john,Hulk - hello eilish,sorry about this, hope it will get better for you ,try not to stress about it though... More »
Cheryl - It is hard when you feel like this ... try some deep breathing and on every outward breath say to... More »
john,Hulk - hello eilish, its a choice, i have been offered injections and pills i said no because of the pot... More »
Psoriatic4good - No, don't do them. I could write a whole screen of pros and cons, but in short - if You don't ... More »
Ingrid - Immune system is directly linked to psoriasis. Your T cells attack yourself (yeah, something wron... More »
Eilish - I'm not on any medication for my psoriasis as I'm shit funny about having medication due to me co... More »
Eilish - Oops abit* lol
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