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London, UK


Rosey - Yes us people need people that have this condition, no one in my world understands it or has it, ... More »
Barry - I haven’t received mail from Flaym for months. Thought maybe the booted me out.
Susan - I believe we are all in the same boat. Me anyway. Today all kinds of notifications.
Bev - I got one too but didn't answer
Dakeyras - Aye always best to ignore such unsolicited messages full stop and report the user in question to ... More »
Deb - I have one too from Susan and Desmond w... Asking for my email, though they did provide theirs.
James - I hadn't heard of it so I just googled it, might be worth a try. I also see they sell it on amazon.
Rosey - Got to try James,hows that diet going for you? I been way out of doing everything that was workin... More »
Sarah - Yes I do sometimes . I use Akoma black African soap. It is lovely and soft!
Clint - Top of the morning to ya
James - 32 paid leave days per year Michelle. The other thing is just a choice my employer offers, overti... More »
Michelle - Sounds good James. The choices you have...Wish we had it here.
Ruben - Not available in Belgium, forbidden even. At this moment at least.
popeye - Im going to try and see if there is a difference , have ordered it already there is no THC in it ... More »
Kim - Hi there. I've used the CBD oil externally. It really works well. Saw results after about 4 to 5 ... More »
popeye - Hi Michelle , Yes I have :)
Mishlyn - Yayyy!!! 🎉 Love it!! 😃 🍋🍋👊👊
Michelle - Wonderful EI!
Mishlyn - Great to hear its helping El!! ❤🍋🍋
john,Hulk - Your welcome ,I thought i would try it,I was seeing Clints comments here and then i posted i am ... More »
Sarah - Yes grief definitely can affect psoriasis. It has affected mine in the past. Emotional stress is ... More »
Rosey - El,know it's and old post but saw it and yes have it on my hands ,fingers too,nothing so far has ... More »
Rosey - Lemons didn't do anything on hands for me,did relieve the burn on legs though
john,Hulk - Just makes me think back to when i used to go night clubbing and they would have the blue lights ... More »
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