Lauren @elledough

29. Canada. Dealing with severe psoriasis for about 9 years and recently started on a biologic.


Susan - I'm so happy for you Victor. I never did have an issue with hot baths or hot showers. Sooooo re... More »
Sarah - Love your new love of bathing, Susan.
Susan - Thanks Sarah. I put any oil, bubble bath and soak myself silly. LOL.
Sarah - That's really brilliant Lauren!
Susan - Hey Lauren! That's such a blessing for you. Have fun!
Janice - Great news Lauren, have fun with your family.
Lauren - I sent you a private message Dawn 🙂
Lauren - What biologic are you taking?
Deleted account - They are life changing drugs Lauren x
Lauren - Hot showers are a guilty pleasure. I might try the cool rinse after to see if that helps!
Sid - The majority of my showers are taken at just over 30 degrees C...sometimes cooler if I've been on... More »
Lawrence - Don't know weather it's due to my body changing over time but my showers are getting cooler and c... More »
Lauren - Pat - that's awesome. Yeah, I guess in Canada at a bit different. Most of my healthcare (doctor v... More »
Pat - Lauren that is great! Maybe someone in the USA is reading this too and can get their meds. I like... More »
Lauren - Yeah, I love animals! Only thing I could see myself doing with my life. :)
Susan - ElleDough I didn't mean experiment in a bad way. Everyone on the site seems to be trying health ... More »
Shawn - Welcome ElleDough - I'm new here as well - I'm not on biologics but they were suggested to me by ... More »
lisa - I was on biologics 2x in the past 10 years was almost clear after 1 tear then came back with a v... More »
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