Ellen @ellen6

Pontygwaith, United Kingdom

I tried and tested many medicated creams done light therapy and think i am showing signs of PSA. I am happy to share what works for me but no cure as yet.


Susan - Ellen sorry you are going through so much. I had psoriatic arthritis too but am healed and I can... More »
Kim - Hi Susan, how did you manage to heal your p arthritis? What joints were affected? My fingers,wri... More »
Susan - Hi Kim. It was really bad in my 20's. I had knobs on my fingers, could hardly walk, horrible in... More »
Ellen - Yes all cwtched up under duvet..
Susan - Hope you get better soon Ellen.
Sarah - Ah Ellen, you stayed cwtched as long as you can!
Chris - I use the childs farm baby moisturiser really good and not exspensive
Ellen - Great so worth a try has it helped clear or improve p chris??
Bryan82 - Not for me a have a bottle there x
Mishlyn - Thats great to hear Ellen! :D
Ellen - Gonna give that a shot..
Susan - Ellen it's a tough go. If you want the elimination diet a bunch of us are doing send me a messag... More »
Ellen - Aww thanks guys...
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