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Deleted account - whew as what i googled showed Primary lateral sclerosis is a type of motor neuron disease that ca... More »
Emma - No it’s doesn’t hurt just more itchy bits to add to the current lol
Emma - Sorry for lack of responses my phone is rubbish at keeping upx
Emma - Hey I didn’t refuse it I was refused by the dermatology staff due to a reaction from the machin... More »
Emma - I am so at breaking long I can’t cope with this and so much lack of sleep and constant pain... fe... More »
john,Hulk - sorry about this,thats part reason this site is for emma to vent it out aswell as to get some... More »
Emma - It’s the burning I’ve had a shit excuse my language day at work seriously can’t cope with this ☹️
Chris - Its a pain in e bum literally but never stop talking about it
Susan - Emma hate might just be the catalyst to get going with a change. Possibly diet. I hated all the... More »
Sarah - Hi Emma, I've heard people talk about using emu oil but I haven't used it. I think some are put o... More »
Susan - James today is a lazy day to for me. However, I am doing laundry. Probably the only chore I'll ... More »
Don - good...having a guest over we haven't had in for a very long time. a close family relative...he ... More »
James - Susan, I work more weekends than I get off, so when I do I plan ahead, chores, grocery shopping e... More »
Mishlyn - Not to worry Emma :) You are being human. It can be so hard to get out of a negative spiral at ti... More »
Sarah - Hey Emma, vent away! Our Flaym friends will try to turn that frown upside down, with compassion a... More »
Susan - Emma my suggestion is to start with cutting out all sugar. Hard to do as most processed food has... More »
john,Hulk - hello emma,yesdiet or lifestyle changes will help in the long term and you may notice the itch w... More »
Sarah - Sleep deprivation is just the worst, bring every emotion out and enhances the dread. Try to see i... More »
Mishlyn - Thanks Emma! I hope you have as well! Hope you can get a better sleep tonight!!
john,Hulk - hello emma, changing diet/lifestyle is safer, you start these things with ubv then you have to co... More »
Sarah - Hi Emma, I haven't but have been on waiting list for it for 7 months. My consultation appointment... More »
Sarah - Hi Emma, I did about 18 years ago. The psoriasis went completely for a few weeks, but then I reac... More »
Emma - I was still awake at 3... and my alarms just gone off. Long day ahead. I’ve got antihistamine the... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Emma. Yeowchh that itch is the worst. So distracting. I find that using oil soa... More »
Mishlyn - Sarah, I am going to buy some grapeseed oil tomorrow to experiment with :) Thanks for your sugges... More »
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