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10 years Psoriasis cured after only one year just from diet elimination. Feel free to ask me about my journey.


Margo - Ok. I am going to part with those foods that cause a problem. Goodbye to the nightshade group. ... More »
Mishlyn - Good Luck Margo! Every bit counts!
Sarah - Great Margo! It will all help I'm sure. Some people do have issues with all different kinds of fo... More »
erick - All nightshade foods, the most common being tomatoes, potatoes (yam is ok), all peppers except bl... More »
john,Hulk - hello erick, i am on diet,most of it and i am getting results,its not easy though,2 litres of bo... More »
Dot Roux - Hi there Eric, can you tell me more about the elimination diet?
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