eugene @eugene2676

Zabbar, Malta

When I was much younger I used to be ashamed everytime I visited some doctor they always insisted on me stripping naked but it was because of my itching problems. But at 21 I was asked once more to bare all!

Otto_M_Moon - what's your fluid intake Eugene?
eugene - Nowadays I do not care if a doctor whether male or female asks me to bare all but once I was very... More »
eugene - I drink 2lts of water daily sometimes even more at autumn and winter and some 4 lts in Spring and... More »
Sarah - Did you ever ask for your treatment again since then Eugene? Maybe things might be looked upon di... More »
Sarah - Yes I would. I don't really feel a distinction in this same way. Although actually, there have be... More »
eugene - Once a junior psychiatrist suggested I adopt a dog. Dear friends all chronic illnesses lead to st... More »
eugene - I met once a 78 year old woman in hospital whom I tried to befriend but once a nurse told me not ... More »
Roxanne - Not at all , they are professionals and as a nurse myself Im ok with it.
Michelle - I hope stripping down means putting on a When I was 14 the derm I saw had made be stri... More »
Sarah - Hi Eugene! For me personally, not at all! I don't have any issue with that at all, and actually f... More »
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