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Zabbar, Malta

When I was much younger I used to be ashamed everytime I visited some doctor they always insisted on me stripping naked but it was because of my itching problems. But at 21 I was asked once more to bare all!


Michelle - Good to know about the water overload! I never realized that. Thanks for sharing! 😃
RedSpotEliminator - Chances are, we all aren't getting enough water. Important to stay hydrated.
Lori - Yes, I am drinking plenty of water to also try to lose weight and I do believe it may help the pl... More »
steve - Hi Karla, Seven months ago I had large patches on my legs and torso. My knees and elbows were j... More »
Karla777 - Thank you I'll try some of these things
eugene - Try finding some cream or lotion containing almond oil. Ask your pharmacist!
eugene - I was born in Mtarfa Malta on the 6th November 1958. Married to Pauline nee Demanuele on the 24th... More »
Lynn - 52 years old this past tuesday (6th)! I live in Pennsylvania, US!
eugene - I am 59 years old (60 in November) from Zabbar, Malta
Deleted account - what's your fluid intake Eugene?
eugene - Nowadays I do not care if a doctor whether male or female asks me to bare all but once I was very... More »
eugene - I drink 2lts of water daily sometimes even more at autumn and winter and some 4 lts in Spring and... More »
Sarah - Did you ever ask for your treatment again since then Eugene? Maybe things might be looked upon di... More »
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