Michelle - Merry Christmas Exx! :) Have a wonderful holiday!
exx - Thank you Michelle! A very Merry Christmas to you also! :)
steve - Start drinking turmeric and ginger fermented via kefir, kombucha, or beer and the snow from your ... More »
exx - Oh my! Wish you a speedy recovery, I know surgeries can be tough, especially hernia surgeries. Gl... More »
exx - Sarah, exact same problems for me with both coconut oil and sunburn. Maybe i'll give coconut oil ... More »
Lynn - Also, make sure it is extra virgin coconut extract!
Pooja - Great if u feel changes plz let me know 🙂🙂
Deleted account - If it falls out or thins out it generally grows back when the patch clears up.
Sherry - In my experience, yes it is possible that p of the scalp causes loss of hair... it's one of the p... More »
Brandy - I meant to write "cradle cap", not just babies get it. But I hope you feel better. Try the seabre... More »
exx - Thank you Brandy. I didn't know about seabreeze, will give it a try.
Deleted account - If you shower with water that is hot or a lot warmer than body temperature then most of your skin... More »
Stacy - There's a shampoo made by moo goo its good
Marianne - In the past, I had my husband, children and friends apply the gel. There is something available ... More »
Mickg48 - See your gp you should be able to get the same product in a lotion if it is a product for psorias... More »
Ivan Aleksic - Dear @exx nobody has an answer to your question. P is addressed like abnormal activity of your im... More »
Harold - Hi. Most of us get psoritic arthritis, starts usually in the small joints like fingers & toes but... More »
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