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Sarah - James, so so so distracting and painful and uncomfortable for you. How long till your UV starts? ... More »
James - It made me laugh (the alternative was cry). I got a letter asking me to call them to arrange an a... More »
Sarah - Ah James and Clint that sounds so so so painful! Really glad to hear the recoveries are starting ... More »
john, DARTS VADER - Get well soon james , sounds painful
Michelle - James, Im so sorry about your accident and hope it gets better soon. Hope you ate okay? Emotional... More »
Rosey - Coal tar bath ,chemist compote,didnt stain bath lol did do the job,then after dried dusted with c... More »
Peter - Lemon and lime
Clive - Hi James , i would recommend coconut oil it works for me but it is a mission to clean the bath an... More »
Erica - Ouch, sympathy for you James it hurts like hell and is so annoying as you will have to wait for t... More »
Ellen - Well now you have to be footloose & fancy free on your holiday...
Bev - Have a wonderful time away James
john, DARTS VADER - have a nice holiday james
Ellen - Enjoy the break James............
Linda - You still have a good sense of humour James. Good for you!👍
Rosey - Hahaha@James
Sarah - Yep me too, white dots, especially up my arms and tops of feet / ankles. It's weirdly mesmerising... More »
James - I hear what Rosey is saying but I'm starting to get desperate. I itch and hurt all over, it's aff... More »
Lindakay1948 - James~I have been where you are at it was all I could do to stay alive...and it made me feel sooo... More »
Steve - I started with puva & gradually went to tanning beds & then just waited till summer & let the sun... More »
Jen - Thank you James. It sounds great and so easy. I will look for it.
Rosey - Night time itch is hard to deal with,I usually just scratch legs arggg,so lemon stings alot in mo... More »
Lindakay1948 - I hate to sound like a well known TV personality but that's why I use EVO..Hugs James finger's cr... More »
James - I'm just pre-empting a doctors visit next week. I've had P behind my ears off and on for years. N... More »
Madmum007 - I het it by my ears from sunglasses in the summertime, olive oil there works fab for me there!
Chris - No but I'm constantly cleaning them from eyebrow and eyelid flakes
Erica - Not sure what properties they were trying back then either James, it was used as an ingredient of... More »
James - I wouldn't be a Guinea pig for any drug, however, if they crack it, bring it on. A lot of people,... More »
Michelle - Should you go for a clinical trial, how do you know its for P only and not something else?
Chris - Mines the same , weather I think but like Clint says get that Lemon out just be careful !
Glenn - Mine have always been white 😎
Sarah - Mine go more like that during bad flare ups....
Suze - Yes I have ibs psoriasis, arthritis & porictic arthritis. Fibro, have no thyroid and have bi pola... More »
Jen - That's a lot to deal with and good for you 😊 Suze you are a strong person!
James - You definately have something there Suze, attitude for want of a better word. I don't have as big... More »
Clint - The lemon 🍋 can sting that's how it changes the ph of that area if you can't take it wet the lemo... More »
James - Further reading and now not sure it is inverse, it does have a lot of plaque, especially my left ... More »
Rosey - Lemon stings like no tommorrow,but when I can't take the sting no more the coconut oil I put on,p... More »
Sarah - This is a great question! One I wish we didn't know an answer to. For me, guttate is worse than p... More »
James - I'm sticking to it so far. Morning is hardest. I can have tea or coffee with no milk or sugar, an... More »
Lindakay1948 - I never have to concern myself with being too busy as most days I always am busy. Gardening,Huge ... More »
Sarah - Wow those are some horrifying sounding treatments! But I guess if we described some of our modern... More »
Michelle - hahaha James. I have read that article and found it quite...interesting. I'm just glad we don't l... More »
john, DARTS VADER - So true, dog food would taste better than that,though dog biscuits dont taste bad at , Its just g... More »
Sarah - OMG that burger, I can't even imagine it actually! I think I would have major food-fear faced wit... More »
Michelle - Well done James! its not easy.. especially when its right in front of you. Keep up the great work!
john, DARTS VADER - Oh dear James, not even christmas yet to have a snow flake fall, you could had saved them until... More »
Michelle - I understand those hidden flakes James! I found quite a bit hidden away during our move 😄 lol
Michelle - I have heard great reviews about it and that is fantastic to hear James. Wonderful :)
Sarah - Sounds like great change is afoot, James! I always eat all of my meals in a 9 hour window, just t... More »
James - Sarah I've been having my first meal around two so I can eat my last around ten. I don't get to s... More »
James - Derek, I use similar when it was just plaque P I had but since also getting guttae the itching ha... More »
Jill - Try fresh lemon juice...takes the itch away...Clint on Flaym highly recommended it...try it ,I di... More »
Doreen - Yes. It works for me. I even take Benadryl at night and it really helps!
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