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Peter - yip every now and then
Lindakay1948 - Not Often right now I have just a few white patches and Urple Purple but I have none of the old ... More »
john,Hulk - Vegan is the ideal way to go though i am not vegan Chris, James saying thst being vegan may had ... More »
Michelle - Well I believe the right diet is the key to managing my Psoriasis. Being vegan can only be for th... More »
Rosey - Vegan would deffiently make psrioasis less severe, am so glad its not as bad as it was James
Bev - Hi James, John and Susan. I wondered what happened as I got nothing from Flaym then all of a a su... More »
john,Hulk - Yep Hi Bev, I turned all notifications off as fed up recieving so many emails, tiring deleting t... More »
Michelle - lol Hi James. Yes I guess all the notifications has crashed some emails. @ John, Susan and Bev ... More »
Dan - Try a 90 day diet where you fully focus on cutting out processed food, dairy, red meat, and sugar... More »
Michelle - haha James. Maybe this is not a very strong cream and can be used on the face although the sheet ... More »
john,Hulk - Hello Dan ,yes thats right, Many have seen improvements by changing their diet/lifestyle, in the ... More »
Rosey - I wasn't, 4 treatments a week, OK treatments are not long, but place was far away and couldn't do... More »
James - I guess because I’m in a caring profession, I support disabled adults to live in their own home a... More »
Lou - Hope u got some good news!
Rosey - Mm yes had bad memories of p all over and in bum , painful hope you get that sorted soon think I ... More »
Michelle - James, the improvement on your P is tremendous and I hope the last bit will disappear as well. Yo... More »
Rosey - Michelle miss your pic ,you are so sincere and wise in helping people on here and like John ,you ... More »
Jen - All good here.
James - Mine back to normal now too.
Clint - It's back on somewhat
john,Hulk - HAHAHA oh dear James, I knew this would happen, I hope this clears up your Ibs ?Well we know ther... More »
Susan - James weapon grade farts! OMGoodness! That's hilarious! My hubby just cut out milk. Not sure ... More »
James - I've cut out all meat, fish and dairy and so far I'm enjoying things, although cooking for my ser... More »
Susan - James when I did it years ago I put a facecloth over my face tucked under the glasses or I would ... More »
James - I just slathered on some moisturiser straight after my next session and it worked fine. I already... More »
James - I just came out of a bad bout and my GP is refering me to a FODMAP trained dietician, which I'm e... More »
James - Oh, and there's an excellent FODMAP app which uses a traffic light system on a huge range of food... More »
john,Hulk - Yes, i had it for a couple of years James, that was years ago, I changed my diet then, took stuf... More »
Becky - Yes I have mine on my iPhone James
James - Thanks, now I just have to work up the courage to spend a grand plus of my hard earned :)
Julie - Yes, I use it. Free from the App Store on iPhone
Michelle - Well that sounds great Julie and I'm glad your skin is improving. Sounds like a wonderful cream t... More »
Rosey - James am scarred ,arms lovely brown and while but still fading ,body still regressing ,light pink... More »
James - I'd like to think so too but as long as it's not flaky, bleeding, raw and painful, I can cope. At... More »
James - Going really well. Weirdly, it's clearing from the top down. Apparently that's common. I'm up to ... More »
john,Hulk - Good, I hope you have a great clear up James , :)
Rosey - Have heard of Burt's Bees ,have not used it as use Vaseline with aloe for dry lips or pawpaw crea... More »
Susan - Never used it James but I do have avocado everyday! A great fat. Add some coconut oil to thin i... More »
Michelle - Hi James. Also never used it before but I do eat avo a lot and its great for me P. I don't itch n... More »
James - I can't yet comment on the health benefits but it makes the food taste better and has a much hire... More »
Rosey - Sorry to hear about your loss James,and may the UV treatment be worth it for you when you get bac... More »
Ellen - Condolences on your loss James....onward & upward..
john,Hulk - Sorry about all this James,Your loss and your treatment,
Keturah - Schmidt’s? That’s what I use finally found a scent that works for me
James - I'm pretty sure Schmidt's is the one previously mentioned, and Amazon have it, at a price I'm wil... More »
Keturah - You’re welcome
James - I'm in a better place right now than I have been for a while. Its still there, but definately fad... More »
john,Hulk - Good , I am glad with your positive outlook for the future now James , I think enjoy the heal up... More »
Michelle - That is wonderful news James. I'm really happy for you and I know how you feel. When my P disappe... More »
john,Hulk - Yes i know about this James, I put a post about it near 2 years ago i think then? i know i put p... More »
Michelle - Hi James. I think this might be an old article? "GPs warned about risks of flammable skin creams.... More »
Rosey - Great news for you James ,hope your feeling better and can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
James - Thanks all, yeah, I'm pretty pleased so far. Still get an itch occasionally but not that vicious ... More »
john,Hulk - Fantastic James :) :)
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