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James - Just popped along to a famous UK high street chemist that's actually only half a chemist, a semi ... More »
Derek - I had more luck with straightforward acqeous cream
James - Derek, I use similar when it was just plaque P I had but since also getting guttae the itching ha... More »
Sarah - So glad you've got the right support and advice in place though James. And wow that's amazing tha... More »
Jonathan - @ava - no I don't have psoriasis. In 2004, I had a life-threatening diagnosis - and started lear... More »
Ava - @Jonathan: Good for your patients, for you, and for us! I had to follow a similar route in 1996 ... More »
Michelle - Will look for it and try it. Have to try at least once right. Thanks James :)
Bev - I will also try the butter as well James
Sarah - Fresh goats cheese no problem for me James! Aged cheese is a problem for me though...
john,DARTS VADER - Thanks, yes its a good film though i think they should had got someone else to play solo,its my o... More »
Sarah - How is your melon doing now, James? 😆
James - Oh it's fine and dandy Sarah, other than behind my lugs.
Susan - Oh dear James. Sure hope you figure it out. Fading plaques is a good thing so I guess there is ... More »
Sarah - Ah James, this is really hard when the guttate gets you. This is what happened to me last year. I... More »
Michelle - Sorry to hear that James. Do you think it has anything to do with the heatwave Scotland has been ... More »
Bev - Wow That was so mature of that young girl. Her family must be so proud of her. Don't let the same... More »
James - Her dad said it came as no shock to him, that she always stuck up for the underdog. I didn't say ... More »
Michelle - Bless her beautiful soul. She is going to grow up strong, with constant love and understanding an... More »
agb - Glad you got the appointment.
Sarah - Ah gosh yes those waiting lists are a bit mad. I was on a waiting list for treatment for 8 months... More »
Michelle - I do hope a cancellation from someone comes your way James. :)
Bev - That sounds serious James. Glad you going to the doc. Praying he can help you heal up quickly
Bev - Good luck tomorrow James. Let us know what doc says
Sarah - Hope your appointment tomorrow is good, James!
Michelle - Funny you mention that James. The same with me. I took the course as well and am always researchi... More »
Sarah - I do read the leaflets but not always all of the sections. I always read the bits about method an... More »
Ellen - I just read the doctors instructions on the outside of the box....apply to affected area...
James - My main thing is the time it takes. I look like a target dummy on a firing range and to do each i... More »
Bev - I had to put on each spot for my hubby which did take a long time abd he doesn't have the patienc... More »
James - I guess I should take the time to do each spot then, which brings something else to mind, but I'l... More »
James - Something I should point out, quorn has some egg white in so useless if you're vegan.
Peter - James, I totally understood, I have cut vertically all carbs out and some starches in leading som... More »
Nan195 - HI James, John sent me his Diet along with Susan's positive thinking attitude has put my two smal... More »
Michelle - Hope it clears for you soon James! I do the same on door edges for massage type feeling sometimes... More »
Sarah - Hahahaha James! Butt-hock! 😆
Ellen - I put my hand on my cheek & do the one finger scratch...I find they choose the weirdest moment to... More »
Michelle - John, I've been using the Himalayan salt for a couple of months now. 2 or 3 months and the Hawaii... More »
Ruben - Saw a documentary where they explained that the extra amount of minerals in Himalayan or other sa... More »
Sarah - Not me James I use bog standard! Although actually I always use sea salt rather than other kinds.... More »
Clint - Say hi to your mum🍀
john,DARTS VADER - Sorry to hear this James :(
Phil - Luv u my friend.
Michelle - Spreading love you to and everyone else on Flaym!
Susan - James it never stopped me from doing anything. The irritating thing though, for me, would be lon... More »
James - I remember you mentioning vitamin d analogue before, what exactly is it?
Sarah - I have no idea how it is made but it is basically a synthetic vitamin d substance, in a cream for... More »
Elaine - Ouch!! Sorry you have more pain, James :( Are you even certain it's psoriasis related?? Google... More »
john,DARTS VADER - Its always worth letting ones hair down now and again,if i had it bad though i think i probably w... More »
Ruben - Just had breakfast and already hungry again :) Hope the itch goes quickly!
Susan - Ahhh but James what a wonderful treat! Sounds yummy! Gotta live a little...
natalie - Hi James. I use fairy non bio..
James - Interesting, I hadn't even thought of bio / non bio. I bought one of those huge boxes of powder a... More »
Michelle - I use the Sunlight Baby washing powder and fabric softener. Love the smell. Been using it for man... More »
James - I just wondered. I'm plaque from the waist up and guttae from the waist down, apart from the patc... More »
Madmum007 - I'm like Sarah, mix & match!!
Sarah - Sounds a cool combo, James! It is my first year I can say I have no bits that are like stego hide... More »
Bev - Never seen an after shower must before here in SA
James - John, Bev, it's really just a spray on moisturiser for quickly doing large areas after you shower... More »
Cherryl - Tried the aveeno spray mist, nice stuff. Not tried the Vaseline version though James. If you try ... More »
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