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Chris - Boots have had it on a 1/3 off for the last month so I stocked up a plenty 😁
James - Oh, good shout Chris, there's a small one in my town, I'll pop in later today.
Sarah - We all want the miracle, and will often try anything to find it! This is interesting to lots of p... More »
James - My thoughts too. There's Nikki saying she's tried it without the miracle cure effect, and to be h... More »
Annmarie - 8m like nikki I have been using this with no improvement media hype and we all go for it, think i... More »
Michelle - I stopped eating meat last week James, for a few different reasons. I am not missing it. When I c... More »
James - I know what you mean Michelle, I can smell bacon frying in the next county.
Susan - I was vegetarian most of my life. Never fully vegan. Didn't make sense to me and was alot of wo... More »
Susan - Could be James. I don't get the flu shot, but my mom always did. She was diabetic and got the f... More »
Sarah - Hey James, great question! It has made me think. I haven't had any colds I don't think since star... More »
Lorna Penner - I haven`t had any colds or flu all winter for a few years now--I don`t get the flu shot but I dri... More »
Michelle - I do now as well. For the majority of my life with P, I would not pay attention, just hoped that ... More »
Lynn - Actually I do, just out of curiosity to see if it says anything different than the others 🤔.
Sarah - Always! I'm a stickler
john,darts vader - Oh dear james HD, whats next psoriasis in 3D ? :)
James - That would definately be scarey John.
Ruben - Please spare us that much detail :)
Susan - That's good James... What did you do differently, although I think you were going to do the diet.... More »
Chris - James as long as it doesn't effect the one ring 😀
Sarah - Hahahahh Chris! 😆 Ah James that's great that your patches sound like they're fading? Is this rela... More »
James - What I need to invent is a stealth perineum scratcher, or I could just make some sandpaper underp... More »
Deleted account - I would suggest 120 grit James or 80 grit ;-)
Margaret - Oh, yeah!
Sarah - Only as an outpatient for consultations...
James - I ask cause it was seeing patients in the skins ward when I worked maintainence at a hospital yea... More »
James - Lisa, I PMd you.
Mark - Hi I have put Susan's information into a Word document if that's easier to read for some of you o... More »
Bev - Hi Mark Could you send me the word document please
Lucy - Sounds like a blooming good idea to me. Not sure I’d like the thought of when people go out in it... More »
Susan - Oh James... You are funny and obviously very giving from the heart and from the skin. LOL.
john,darts vader - oh dear ,sounds like a good job james haha,if you come in high demand you may have to stop all cr... More »
Susan - James, Not me. I saw a video of dust mites in our beds... Couldn't watch it though except under ... More »
Rachel - I have had Asthma since 18 months old. Psoriasis started when I was 8
Nan195 - Hi James, I did as a child but grew out of it by15 🌹
Jan - Blimey! What or who were you in your previous life? Chin up !
Sarah - Oh James! That's quite a combo. Hoping the diagnoses will help you to manage these conditions.
Leasha - Try coconut oil pure only , nothing that has a bunch of ingredients just pure
Susan - What was the treatment? Medication. I don't think I have ever seen an ad here in Canada. I don... More »
Deleted account - I saw it first James!! 😝
Sarah - Oo that is so interesting! I didn't see it! I have never ever seen anything like this here in UK ... More »
James - Got it in one Susan.
Chris - Cotton bud and creme
Sarah - Yeowchh James! Go steady, who knows what could be lurking in those places...😆
Gail - A flare for me means I never had Psoriasis before and now I have it, so my skin is flared all the... More »
James - I asked cause to me the term flare means over a relatively quick time, maybe two or three days. I... More »
Sarah - Hi James, for me a flare is usually within a couple of days of something triggering it off for pl... More »
Susan - And you can't be rude... LOL Have fun!
Sarah - Have a fab weekend, James. Nice to enjoy the cooking talents of someone else - I'm like that at m... More »
Michelle - Have a great time James!
john,darts vader - i have always had, the odd bit of psoriasis on my face ,
James - For me it wasn't so much the psoriasis but more the over use of steroid cream making the skin fra... More »
Susan - John it would also be hard to treat your skin if you had a beard. James, I try to continue to te... More »
john,darts vader - i can imagine eating a banana at work ,instead of chucking it in the bin, i will just slap on my ... More »
Susan - Oh john... You always make me chuckle.
Annette - My mom used to put clear nail polish on the back of the watch face to stop the irritation.
Sarah - Uh no those pressure bits are just the worst. Have you tried swapping your watch to the other sid... More »
James - I'm ambidextrous and wear my watch on my right wrist, on my left wrist just feels wrong. I might ... More »
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