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James - Got it in one Susan.
Chris - Cotton bud and creme
Sarah - Yeowchh James! Go steady, who knows what could be lurking in those places...😆
Gail - A flare for me means I never had Psoriasis before and now I have it, so my skin is flared all the... More »
James - I asked cause to me the term flare means over a relatively quick time, maybe two or three days. I... More »
Sarah - Hi James, for me a flare is usually within a couple of days of something triggering it off for pl... More »
Susan - And you can't be rude... LOL Have fun!
Sarah - Have a fab weekend, James. Nice to enjoy the cooking talents of someone else - I'm like that at m... More »
Michelle - Have a great time James!
john,Hulk - i have always had, the odd bit of psoriasis on my face ,
James - For me it wasn't so much the psoriasis but more the over use of steroid cream making the skin fra... More »
Susan - John it would also be hard to treat your skin if you had a beard. James, I try to continue to te... More »
john,Hulk - i can imagine eating a banana at work ,instead of chucking it in the bin, i will just slap on my ... More »
Susan - Oh john... You always make me chuckle.
Annette - My mom used to put clear nail polish on the back of the watch face to stop the irritation.
Sarah - Uh no those pressure bits are just the worst. Have you tried swapping your watch to the other sid... More »
James - I'm ambidextrous and wear my watch on my right wrist, on my left wrist just feels wrong. I might ... More »
James - When I wrote the post I was thinking about winter, I completely forgot, I spent time in the US mi... More »
Sarah - Hey James. I think mine is different every year. This will be my first year with guttate p added... More »
Roy - James I live in Southern California in LA and we don’t get much of winter here, so I haven’t had ... More »
Sarah - Shop bought gluten free bread = bleurghhhh. Home made gluten free bread = much less bleurghhhh! ... More »
Sarah - Did you try your master baker gluten free loaf today, James?
James - Sadly no, we're very short staffed and I got asked to work. I'm off tomorrow and Tuesday though s... More »
john,Hulk - sorry about my typing, i should look before i send
Vanessa - In the past had had round with my hands, due to wearing gloves for work, would sweat and hands ge... More »
Vanessa - Sorry, spell check corrrected. Ment to say sebum not denim..
James - Sarah, just ask your family if they have it or know someone else in the family who has. Obviously... More »
Kim - Both!
Susan - Debbie sorry about the loss of your husband. That is a definite stress. Hang in there...
Jennifer - I have lost my big toe nails once before a few years ago so now when it starts I know what to do ... More »
Mary - Jennifer, what do you do to help your nails?
Lindar - Any advice on how to treat the ongoing itching around the nails?
Harold - I've seen that a few times.
Kim - Yes a few times, but only on my shins.
Deleted account - No can't say I have. Just patches.
john,Hulk - i saw some cream today in the pharmacy £18 for a small bottle ,geeze,they dont half milk it out ... More »
James - Would halted regeneration be healthy, surely we want the process controlled, not stopped all toge... More »
Ruby - Scary, but I used the edge of a long spatula once.
James - Chris, I understand that. I suppose over th years I've developed a "I don't give a toss" attitude... More »
Ria - Try olive oil from your pharmacy.
James - Sarah, I'm fairly sure interspecies infection can't happen. The H in hiv stands for human.
Beth - I remember the little shops where they nibbled your feet too. Didn't have P on my feet so I did i... More »
Jill - I watched the video, James. I'm pretty sure I could not sit and let fish bite at me....even if i... More »
James - I've worked maintainence in power stations and hospitals, then went into clerical work for a long... More »
Michelle - Hey James, love your story. You and I are in the same type of field :) I support people with deve... More »
Deleted account - Well one positive memory comes to mind; the time I was chatting to a neighbour who recently moved... More »
john,Hulk - sorry to hear this james,sorry you couldnt swim with your children,must had been hard ,just being... More »
Jill - Just an idea....but could you bring a towel or two and lay it down on top of the sheets? Or a li... More »
James - I had considered buying a sleeping bag which would cover all situations.
Kim - Yes. It seems to attack a weakness.
Cindy - Yes I have had that happen in the past
Jullie - Yes James mine does this as well all the time.
Jill - Wouldn't that be so nice? Or to be able to go out of the house and not even think about what you... More »
michael - Would that be grand, but maybe this stops us having something else.
chantell - i love my job very much and now its getting hard to go to work i keep thinking who is looking at me
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