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Chris - If I'm being totally honest I had depression and suicidal thoughts before psoriasis hit me,its ju... More »
Francesca - It’s never really made me feel depressed or anxious - it’s more annoying and messy.. the flakes d... More »
Taryn - My son is very skeptical about who he will make eye contact with. He doesnt understand why he's g... More »
Nan195 - Hi Paul, welcome to this amazing Site where you will find answers, advice and communicate with th... More »
Paul - Thanks Nan ) I already am in fact
Jecyslims - patforever8 at gmail
john - doctors and derms do not treat the route cause of psoriasis just symptoms,that is their job,one d... More »
Ingrid - Yes there is a medication that works, cannabis !! Flaym...do some reseach !
john - hello ingrid,quite a few people say that cannabis works, i may make abig spliff tonight then i ma... More »
Karin - Lorna Penner, the same as Susan and John who frequently write about their change of life style an... More »
Nicola - John, I want to tell you that I completely got rid of the psoriaritic arthritis in my knees by ta... More »
Honey - Nope, because everyone, like my friends, relatives, blockmates, neighbors knows that I have Pso. ... More »
Kath - I don''t find any particular shampoo helped but I go for gentler ones without SLS. I cover my who... More »
Lorna Penner - I have a friend who had Psoriases some years ago and her doctor put her on a Tar lotion to put on... More »
Dot Roux - Yes CBD oil helps bad outbreaks. A Tablespoon of Hemp oil (plus a diet high in seeds and Vegan Om... More »
john - Try to pray every day and ask Jesus to calm you down in every situation He is the true God
Susan - Amen john@hoofd... I'm with you on that one. Faith is a really big deal to this momma.
Polyp - Try to stay relaxed and respond to what is happening to me, not what I want to happen to me.
Josh - If they say something rude like, "Ugh! What a wrong with your legs?!" I tell them it's a highly ... More »
Christopher - Is there a word for angry/embarrassed? Yeah, I fit somewhere in between.
Qissera - I usually say nothing. But if they ask whether I’m allergic or not, then I say yes. Usually they... More »
Brenda/joy - We usually don't have to pay for our meds when my husband worked we had to pay towards some at th... More »
Annette - I have basic "free" Canadian health care. So perscriptions are NOT covered. I try everything non ... More »
Susan - Yeah Annette. People think everything is free here. Unless we have insurance through work, or w... More »
Tracy - Unfortunately I went through a nightmare starting around the age of 5. Was taken to a Dr. That pu... More »
Susan - Tracy your story is something I have never heard of. Thanks for the explanation. I truly am so ... More »
Denise - I have never been given a definitive diagnosis.
Jane - I can tell when the water softener is empty. I have an extreme flare of P.
Chris - Whenever I've been somewhere that I've had to use soft water I hated it because I feel like I can... More »
Janice - No, but I do drink 2 litres of bottled water a day and it has definitely made a difference to my ... More »
MishLyn - I haven't had to much support in my life with P until I met my husband. When I was diagnosed at 1... More »
Michele - I have good friends...but they can't relate to psoriasis.. they do accept me as I am!
Susan - When I did have it bad, they didn't see me any differently. All was fine.
Lalonie - Stress makes mine worse.
Sarah - I started tracking my food intake using a phone app every day for a month and my phone has frozen... More »
john - hello sara,do you know what makes your p worse with foods etc by memory ? sorry you lost your app... More »
Susan - MishLyn what a very sweet man you have there!!!
Brenda/joy - No after 50 years it doesn't bother him
Lea - I'm very self conscious. I feel lonely at times and I try to keep my skin from looking so dry, bu... More »
Jack - I would: 1. Take a food allergy test to figure out which foods may be raising inflammation. 2... More »
Susan - Great ideas Dave... Ok.. I better get with the program... Game of Thrones. I've never seen one e... More »
michael - f you can get a mix of conventional medicine and holistic medicine to keep your psoriasis at bay... More »
SeanW - Am in a trial for an injectable for 3 years, 100 percent clear. Was up to 15 percent coverage, af... More »
Jimmy - Yes, I would definitely be willing to participate
Brenda/joy - I am in a clinical trial it is helping, I still have some flare ups but it's not from the medicat... More »
Rosemary - I don't date. My X called me lizard
Debbie - Yes, but sometimes it´s difficult because some people try to give me advice about things I should... More »
michael - Debbie , very true. People will give you loads of advice and remedies. Over time you will get t... More »
john - haha,not like mine tastes,its like eating fine sand,i can do it though :) yes in the usa,canada,y... More »
Susan - Keep it up John... Certainly can't hurt. You guys are lucky to have your scripts paid for. Our ... More »
john - no, mines not paid for, if I need scripts, I still have to pay for them, as I work in a nursing h... More »
Kathryn - It doesn't matter
Jill - It seems like larger tubes are cheaper....but smaller tubes are easier to hide in a purse or pock... More »
Mike - I think i would prefer a bath tub full he he😁
Liz - It works once stopped it comes back
Maggie - It worked for me! I was playing field hockey at the time and I couldn't walk or run perfectly the... More »
Virginia - Personally, no, but a friend has with good results 😃
Ajit - My doc used to say that I need to believe in the meds if it has to have a positive impact on me..... More »
clsak - Are there any good otc lotions that have worked well for anyone?
Cheryl - When you asked this question a couple of weeks ago my answer would have been no .. now it is yes!... More »
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