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tommy - I have learned from my own suffering through all my years with P I was lucky I had the strength n... More »
Casey - I’m still learning mine, but to really find out about P I did a lot of research, I didn’t really ... More »
Ruben - Hey Casey, important thing to keep in mind is that we all react a little different. So you need t... More »
john,DARTS VADER - Hello barbara, sugar is pretty evil stuff, usually is a trigger for most aswell as gluten/wheat,c... More »
Sarah - More than I did a year ago, but still not much... I understand it as a part of human variation! B... More »
Michelle - Hi Barbara. I can't add anything to what John has advised. The elimination diet works great for u... More »
Millionways - Lotion with seasalt in it, as I can not take a seasalt bath on vacation. Sunscreen that doesnt ... More »
Michelle - way to go Million! :)
Letitia - I have been trying a new oil, I'll try and put on a photo so you can see, it's called Balneum soy... More »
john,DARTS VADER - Good, I wish you well Mohamd :)
mohamd - Today I start using product from dead sea... Waiting the result to share it with all
colin - Israel Ein Boket desert spa, is an excellent treatment option, the record for being clear is 12 y... More »
IDA - Thank you so much Michelle your email was very helpful and will try to reach them this week.
Patricia - Yes I never learned to swim at school. and felt so different I still remember 40yrs later and sti... More »
Elaine - I'm sorry you're suffering for so long, Patricia. What treatments have you tried? Have you elim... More »
Sarah - You know loads about it! Mine is just mine. And everyones is just their own. It is a total myster... More »
Gordon - I don't have flare ups hand size spot on my back few spots on the side. Stays the same. Started u... More »
Chel - My hands start itching but sometimes I don't even know I'm having a flare up until I look at my hand
john,DARTS VADER - Hello Dianne, i dont believe in taking drugs etc or anything like that,its a difficult one with ... More »
Sarah - That is one way to look at it Dianne! It's great to hear your flakes are looking so good. And goo... More »
Susan - Think I tried most everything except biologics Flaym... Really, when I took my health into my own... More »
Michelle - Susan, you are actually talking about me aren't you? Apart from the dental profession. Lol. I am... More »
Susan - Awww Michelle. Back at you. Glad to see we are on the same page. Boy!!! If I knew then what I ... More »
Michelle - Hey Susan. Yeah, I can't even pop over for a cocktail lol. One never knows what could happen the ... More »
Terri - I never thought of shea butter at the tanning bed, if anything it should help get some of that oi... More »
Michelle - I found that Shea Butter is soft on my P, but I don't use it anymore.
tony - I was told its not directly psorisis thats causes iritis..its my immune system..that causes probl... More »
Rose - Thanks Justin...will try this.
Ellen - I don't know if its the weather , as winter is slowly creeping in here in SA , or I am subconscio... More »
Norman - OK, so here is an un-scientific study. For many years I have traveled a lot and stayed in Hotels ... More »
Lorna Penner - Itch & Flaky. No pain for me--just very itchy and then I scratch which makes it red and sore.
Sarah - Madmum007 yes me prickle prickle prickle
darren - i can multi task now, scratch back against door frame and shoulders and chest in some strange loo... More »
Susan - Yup Ruben... A PDF.
Ruben - Strange, shouldn't be a problem... That's exactly why they created PDF. @Joy do you get an erro... More »
Joy - I got the message but couldn't open the diet. Have fun
Justin - I have Psoriasis and an addiction to all seafood. So after showering with Sanex and Alphosyl sha... More »
john,DARTS VADER - What seafood do you eat Justin? glad you are taking great steps to improving your situation :)
Justin - I am intollerant to ALL seafood but I have been taking cod Liver Oil capsules and Omega 3 capsule... More »
Justin - I suggest use Coconut oil ANYTIME. You can smear it on your body, face, you can cook with it EV... More »
john,DARTS VADER - Face is okay for me, body no, just makes it sore, i know some are happy with it on the body :)
Justin - Coconut Oil....................
Zoei - Thank you ladies. Your words of encouragement mean alot x
Cheryl - My worst spot is in my right ear. Itching, scaling and some loss of hearing. Ugh!!!
john,DARTS VADER - I been called many things Susan but not beautiful, even with my darkside? thank you Susan, :)
Susan - Shawn I agree. Maybe not the only cause but a big one. Not even sure if we can buy roundup anym... More »
Julie - I love my Rheumatologist. He retired and I had to see another one for a year, then he came back p... More »
Irene - Just like John,darts vader I agree the Dermatologist can’t help us. So the next thing is to eat h... More »
Ruben - Hey Joy, sorry, can't put any brand names down here. But actually, if possible, I would harvest t... More »
Sarah - Ruben, you are able to discuss brand names of over the counter products, just not prescription me... More »
Ruben - Aaaaahhh, didn't know that. Uno momento! Cruydhof Aloe Pura Organic Aloe Vera Gel - 200 ml bodyg... More »
Wilna - My hands its iching, irritating and visible
Carlos - Knees, hips and back. They swell and hurt so bad I can barely move without taking nasaids all day... More »
Thea - Under my breasts
Sarah - Hey Nermin, please do share your post in our community language of English! That way we can all e... More »
Michelle - Hey Nermin, for all you know there might be a lot of people with Psoriasis in Bosnia. Maybe you s... More »
Jenny - Geraldine that sucks. Seems your meds don't help. Its awful to Bevin constant pain. I feel for you.
Marie - Yes but just thought it was part of getting older lol
Lorna Penner - I control my joint pains with a smoothie of strawberrys & pineapple--every morning. 8 oz glass.
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