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Marietes - Hi John ..i do work in nursing home too.. Yes I want to have that kind of dispenser stalled in my... More »
Claire - I prefer a pump dispenser in the bathroom, by the kitchen sink and on my desk at work. I've got a... More »
Mary - I never leave house without my itch cream
TravelRocker - Why can't we use hashtags guys
Liz - It works once stopped it comes back
Maggie - It worked for me! I was playing field hockey at the time and I couldn't walk or run perfectly the... More »
Ajit - My doc used to say that I need to believe in the meds if it has to have a positive impact on me..... More »
clsak - Are there any good otc lotions that have worked well for anyone?
Cheryl - When you asked this question a couple of weeks ago my answer would have been no .. now it is yes!... More »
MishLyn - I think we just need to find that place inside of ourselves that accepts who we are exactly as we... More »
Paula - Having been overweight much of my adult life, swimming has been an activity I have been able to e... More »
Cheryl - If people dont want to swim near me they can move. I used to let it worry me but I was missing a ... More »
john - I think craig, my opinion, talk to them if they are very good with you, tell them about your skin... More »
Jacqueline - The only effect it has when I travel is the darn flakey things go where I go. Hard to shake them ... More »
sue - Take all my own lotions and potions and have found if we travel in the outback and using the arte... More »
Dave - @paulie Hi Mary, what country are you in?....you can buy Braggs online and in some health food s... More »
Jennifer - They sell acv at Walmart, or any grocery store in the us, Bragg's is great stuff 😊
Lorna Penner - They sell Braggs Apple Cidar Vinigar at "Bulk Barn" here & the Health Stores.
vickie - yes i have i have tried a few have been on this one for a few years now very happy
Pamela - I've tried a few. Great success with one but then it stopped working. You can develop antibodies ... More »
Lorna Penner - I heard latley that cannabis oil is the ticket to psoriases and it clears in a week but I think y... More »
Scobe - Too much stress will cause a flare up and what I hate is you have a shower and get squeaky clean ... More »
Lynn - Unfortunately, the only thing that worked very well from me was a biologic. I was totally clear f... More »
Deleted account - Listen to the advice given by the Medical Professionals and ask for print outs of Information on ... More »
Oliver - buy me various tools to help with reaching my back so I can scratch it!
john - a tree ,a wall a door ,a door car mirror, a stick,i have done them all and more :)
Dolores - My husband says he doesnt care and he loves me just the way I am. He married me this way so what ... More »
gary - Dead Sea Salt in warmwater is definitely making a difference for my head. I actually had my hair ... More »
gary - My ears are better to slightly itchy now and again but amazingly better since dabbing dead sea sa... More »
Sherry - I wouldn't say it got any easier, once i had accepted that it would never be cured, i learned to... More »
Andie - Not having to listen to my hubbie, i get deaf as a post.
Connie - I have psoriasis in both ears. I swab them with a low dose topical steroid cream using a Q-tip. ... More »
sadhna mittal - yes, my hearing power was 80% gone, but my ENT doctor very carefully cleaned the area inside my e... More »
Diane - Carefully. Quite painful taking the tops of my spots :(
Monaka - wow i have very little hair on my body but i do have facial hair i use hot water and a shaving g... More »
Dave - If I was going to a "do"I used to have a light electric shave then rub baby oil around my chin th... More »
Nan195 - My Doctor at the time looked, said get used to it, it'll spread all over. I remember looking at ... More »
Nan195 - Pics would be a good thing as well as a way for us to edit a comment or post, after posting it. S... More »
john - hello nan195, yes that would be great if one can do this as i do make mistakes from time to time... More »
Liz - Cold bath
Jane :) - I woke up with few bloodstains on my pillow. What I usually do is that I just make sure my fin... More »
Manif - Scratching in psoriais is just related to a pack of pringles once you pop you cant stop. Ideal so... More »
Manif - Yep cut all the carbs. Sugar is a no no. Eat boiled food and drink a lot of herbal or green tea. ... More »
Liz - Does sugar free mean also non vegan sugar like cut out coconut sugar or cashew sugar or are you j... More »
Mike - For me I've cut out white sugar,I still have the odd coffee but I use raw sugar. Not sure about c... More »
Will - Aquafor before bed, and a prayer
Mike - Daivabet gel works well.
Clawbare - Fast and hard
Trish - Mainly ok, but I have had an incident that I was told to remove my hat, hence I was booked off wo... More »
Michelle - I found that as soon as someone is brave enough to ask you what that thing is on your arm, you s... More »
Kassandra - I have psoriasis for 12 years. Almost scattered on my scalf, ears arm legs and my whole body. I e... More »
Ajit - Stress definitely flares up the skin. Initially I used to consider it a hype but my itch began ev... More »
john - i have had times in my life in recent years where i have been so stressed because of other things... More »
Trevor jarvis - Cognizant dreaming is something I find to be relaaxing
Psoriatic4good - I'm on votka diet this weekend... Lost 2 days so far :)
janet - chocolate
Irene - Scratching, for sure lol
Chezpeers - It is obvious that one person on here is so angry that they want to wind us all up with immature ... More »
Zil - So sad ,we are here just to share good thoughts, not to be mad or get mad, we are here sharing th... More »
janet - hi guys yes i have a snowstorm every morning and nightime i am constantly hoovering up behind me ... More »
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