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Susan - Yup Ruben... A PDF.
Ruben - Strange, shouldn't be a problem... That's exactly why they created PDF. @Joy do you get an erro... More »
Joy - I got the message but couldn't open the diet. Have fun
Justin - I have Psoriasis and an addiction to all seafood. So after showering with Sanex and Alphosyl sha... More »
john,Hulk - What seafood do you eat Justin? glad you are taking great steps to improving your situation :)
Justin - I am intollerant to ALL seafood but I have been taking cod Liver Oil capsules and Omega 3 capsule... More »
Justin - I suggest use Coconut oil ANYTIME. You can smear it on your body, face, you can cook with it EV... More »
john,Hulk - Face is okay for me, body no, just makes it sore, i know some are happy with it on the body :)
Justin - Coconut Oil....................
Zoei - Thank you ladies. Your words of encouragement mean alot x
Cheryl - My worst spot is in my right ear. Itching, scaling and some loss of hearing. Ugh!!!
john,Hulk - I been called many things Susan but not beautiful, even with my darkside? thank you Susan, :)
Susan - Shawn I agree. Maybe not the only cause but a big one. Not even sure if we can buy roundup anym... More »
Julie - I love my Rheumatologist. He retired and I had to see another one for a year, then he came back p... More »
Irene - Just like John,darts vader I agree the Dermatologist can’t help us. So the next thing is to eat h... More »
Ruben - Hey Joy, sorry, can't put any brand names down here. But actually, if possible, I would harvest t... More »
Sarah - Ruben, you are able to discuss brand names of over the counter products, just not prescription me... More »
Ruben - Aaaaahhh, didn't know that. Uno momento! Cruydhof Aloe Pura Organic Aloe Vera Gel - 200 ml bodyg... More »
Wilna - My hands its iching, irritating and visible
Carlos - Knees, hips and back. They swell and hurt so bad I can barely move without taking nasaids all day... More »
Thea - Under my breasts
Sarah - Hey Nermin, please do share your post in our community language of English! That way we can all e... More »
Michelle - Hey Nermin, for all you know there might be a lot of people with Psoriasis in Bosnia. Maybe you s... More »
Jenny - Geraldine that sucks. Seems your meds don't help. Its awful to Bevin constant pain. I feel for you.
Marie - Yes but just thought it was part of getting older lol
Lorna Penner - I control my joint pains with a smoothie of strawberrys & pineapple--every morning. 8 oz glass.
Deleted account - I definitely would x
Deleted account - I see a lot of posts about biologic's "causing" this illness or that infection which I find a bit... More »
carol - I have just recently realized that stress is probably at least part of my problem and my stress c... More »
Brownie - I agree with carol. I seem to have little control over the stress. But I don't take anything fo... More »
Mishlyn - I try to be in the moment as often as I can. I find it very helpful with enjoying what is right i... More »
Deleted account - I take some 30 pills daily, for asthma. epilepsy, depression, diabetes and also some cream becaus... More »
Deleted account - Ill health was what led to my depression mainly eczema and uricaria later followed by asthma!
Eva - I would do almost ANYTHING to get rid of this S****T!!!!
Karen - Not really
Judi - The only positive thing I can think of is finding this site and meeting people and realizing that... More »
Deleted account - It’s made me more humble and compassionate to other people’s suffering
Bev - Shame Alison I hope you do find another more suitable job
JThegg - Every way. People judge you on how you look. It's so important to have clear skin because you are... More »
Judi - Some days I am unable to walk because of the pain...
Sarah - Haha good point, George! Never thought of the money saving angle! Might be offset by what we spen... More »
George - That's very true Sarah! haha xD how could I forget about all them god damn CREAMS!
Judi - I only discuss it if someone asks about it...
Bonnie - I use HEMP CBD oil plant nutrition drops orally and topically to keep the psoriasis on my face fr... More »
Fatma - I’d say a healthier diet has been helpful.
Judi - A healthier diet...lots of green vegetables...no gluten...no dairy, except hard cheeses, kefir an... More »
Judi - My husband and my Grandaughter...
eric - Jon, pls advise kombuka, ginger, ginger pinapple recipe again i cant find your recipe on the res... More »
Sarah - Hey Eric, Steve @beachbum is the kombucha guy 😊
Leonie Mateer - Keep you skin moisturised! As soon as you have bathed, moisturise your body .. letting your ski... More »
Debra - Thank you everyone. I'll try the coconut oil on my scalp. Let you know how it works.
Judi - Mine is pustular psoriasis and hurts more than itches...like having many boils on the bottom of y... More »
Marie - Definitely!! Mine is on the palm of my hand, so if I have to give change or hold someone’s hand I... More »
Michelle - I don't have P on my hands Marie. A few spots on my knuckles but it's healing now and I know how ... More »
Nicola - Luckily I only have it on my ears and some parts of my scalp. Of course my nails on my hands and ... More »
Tanisha - stress, tight clothing, food and change of season
Sandra - Stress and climate change
Judi - Gluten and sugar...and STRESS...
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