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Jennifer - Paul, I absolutely agree with you- no time for that silly useless self pity!
Polyp - Playing guitar or uke x.
Ajit - General ignorance and lack of public awareness leading to secrecy...i would reather hide my p tha... More »
Mishlyn - I think the biggest secret I have had with P is, the amount of pain it can bring. During my rough... More »
Lorna Penner - The latest cream I was interduced to by my nurse is the "Egyptian Magic Cream" you can order on-... More »
Suzanne - Husband; nawwww! Love him too much. Seriously he at times contributes to my stress, as he no long... More »
Ajit - Mine is related to cold...i cant eliminate it and neither does covering it up helps...winters her... More »
Judi - Homemade cinnamon rolls...ice cream...French fries...and walking barefoot all the time... :0(
Lynn - Yep! It used to hurt so bad, walking, sitting, laying down, movement of any kind because it requi... More »
Jacqueline - These days the only exercise I get is in work. My PA appears to be effecting more and more joints... More »
Judi - Yes...I used to jog every day...now I am limited to range of motion exercises and my rebounder...
Barbara - Depression anxiety and embassment
Judi - Anger because of the pain not letting me do what I want to do...
Joyce - I can never feel normal completely. Always itching somewhere and my joints hurt like crazy !! Ble... More »
Deleted account - I wake up early in the morning scratching at my legs only too find I've opened them up and put oi... More »
Roxanne - Its not when I feel a flare its where.I feel it first on the underside of my upper arms .Its ver... More »
Judi - Itchy, tingly, stabbing foot pain...then the ugly boils...the bloody red dots...
Flaym - Heads up! We're launching co-created Flaym Meetups in four selected cities. A Flaym Meetup can... More »
Deleted account - This is fantastic! ...I would love too go thought the commute is a problem atm, I live in London ... More »
curtis - i would love to join a group, are there any groups like that in the moncton NB area?
Deleted account - Thank you for saying so Nan, I have to thank for Flyme staff and give thanks for everyone here.... More »
Deleted account - oops typo again:P Flaym, Looks like there's an editing tool that coming out soon for the posts ... More »
Judi - I am fortunate...it’s only on the bottom of my foot and my shoes cover it...and I have a beautifu... More »
Lorna Penner - I don`t have that,,or I don`t think I do..I don`t feel anything.
Deleted account - Dare I say ..if you don't feel anything ie. touch That could be nerve damage no?
Ellen - I dont have genital psoriasis
Peg - I listen but that’s about it. Take what you like and leave the rest. They don’t have it and don... More »
Jack - Listen and generally ignore. My daughter mixed up some aromatherapy oils which I tried, out of po... More »
Judi - Thank them for caring about me...
Amanda - I have suffered from depression and anxiety on how I look and appear in public esp. when I was da... More »
Donna - I have lived with depression/anxiety/panic attacks and complex ptsd for 18 years plus. Psoriasis... More »
Judi - Yes...I use adaptogenic herbs...Rhodiola and holy basil...and sometimes GABA...
Nan195 - Hi Paul, welcome to this amazing Site where you will find answers, advice and communicate with th... More »
Deleted account - Thanks Nan ) I already am in fact
azme - Through work or any achievement we do
john,Hulk - doctors and derms do not treat the route cause of psoriasis just symptoms,that is their job,one d... More »
Ingrid - Yes there is a medication that works, cannabis !! Flaym...do some reseach !
john,Hulk - hello ingrid,quite a few people say that cannabis works, i may make abig spliff tonight then i ma... More »
Karin - Lorna Penner, the same as Susan and John who frequently write about their change of life style an... More »
Nicola - John, I want to tell you that I completely got rid of the psoriaritic arthritis in my knees by ta... More »
Honey - Nope, because everyone, like my friends, relatives, blockmates, neighbors knows that I have Pso. ... More »
Ellen - I have been using a tar shampoo & a PURE shampoo. Has no additives..it has helped tremendously. I... More »
Sarah - I don't use my hairdryer anymore either Ellen, too drying! Sounds obvious actually, haha.
Ellen - Good One Sarah ......hahahaaaa
john - Try to pray every day and ask Jesus to calm you down in every situation He is the true God
Susan - Amen john@hoofd... I'm with you on that one. Faith is a really big deal to this momma.
Polyp - Try to stay relaxed and respond to what is happening to me, not what I want to happen to me.
Qissera - I usually say nothing. But if they ask whether I’m allergic or not, then I say yes. Usually they... More »
Ivor - Wow...how i wish...
Annette - I have basic "free" Canadian health care. So perscriptions are NOT covered. I try everything non ... More »
Susan - Yeah Annette. People think everything is free here. Unless we have insurance through work, or w... More »
isabel - Of course, it is, for me, it's really hard to pay for doctors and expensive treatments. What I've... More »
Tracy - Unfortunately I went through a nightmare starting around the age of 5. Was taken to a Dr. That pu... More »
Susan - Tracy your story is something I have never heard of. Thanks for the explanation. I truly am so ... More »
Denise - I have never been given a definitive diagnosis.
Jane - I can tell when the water softener is empty. I have an extreme flare of P.
Chris - Whenever I've been somewhere that I've had to use soft water I hated it because I feel like I can... More »
Janice - No, but I do drink 2 litres of bottled water a day and it has definitely made a difference to my ... More »
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