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Liz - Cold bath
Jane :) - I woke up with few bloodstains on my pillow. What I usually do is that I just make sure my fin... More »
Manif - Scratching in psoriais is just related to a pack of pringles once you pop you cant stop. Ideal so... More »
Manif - Yep cut all the carbs. Sugar is a no no. Eat boiled food and drink a lot of herbal or green tea. ... More »
Liz - Does sugar free mean also non vegan sugar like cut out coconut sugar or cashew sugar or are you j... More »
Mike - For me I've cut out white sugar,I still have the odd coffee but I use raw sugar. Not sure about c... More »
Will - Aquafor before bed, and a prayer
Mike - Daivabet gel works well.
Clawbare - Fast and hard
Trish - Mainly ok, but I have had an incident that I was told to remove my hat, hence I was booked off wo... More »
Michelle - I found that as soon as someone is brave enough to ask you what that thing is on your arm, you s... More »
Kassandra - I have psoriasis for 12 years. Almost scattered on my scalf, ears arm legs and my whole body. I e... More »
Ajit - Stress definitely flares up the skin. Initially I used to consider it a hype but my itch began ev... More »
john,Hulk - i have had times in my life in recent years where i have been so stressed because of other things... More »
Trevor jarvis - Cognizant dreaming is something I find to be relaaxing
Psoriatic4good - I'm on votka diet this weekend... Lost 2 days so far :)
janet - chocolate
Irene - Scratching, for sure lol
Chezpeers - It is obvious that one person on here is so angry that they want to wind us all up with immature ... More »
Zil - So sad ,we are here just to share good thoughts, not to be mad or get mad, we are here sharing th... More »
janet - hi guys yes i have a snowstorm every morning and nightime i am constantly hoovering up behind me ... More »
hilary - I was told today that I had an hour glass on my back!
Jack - The continent of Africa, on my left palm. It was so dry as well, had that perfect cracked desert ... More »
HollyDan - A heart, literally a perfect one next to my right eye 😂
janet - use a fan at the side of your bed it helps you fall asleep keeps you nice and cool xx
Desku - try aloe vera cream. I dont know about psoriosis but it really helps for eczema and contact derma... More »
Manif - I wish to go back to sleep again but i apply moisturiser lotion or glycerin
Ragazza - @ Deleted account, I'm fine....but have nothing to write for the moment. Need to give more info... More »
Mary - I dont have one
john,Hulk - sorry to hear that mary,what have you tried for your skin, do you have psoriatic arthritis aswell... More »
Jackie - favourite is ' you can't tell you have it'! 'so stop worrying' !!!!!!!
Jennifer - To put banana skins on it, the only food I have always loathed...
Andie - Stop scratching
Vered - Start to see the good in every aspect of life, in any human being, and in any situation - Psori c... More »
Bretotean - "take life in a smarter and calmer way"
Angel - Don't let anyone tell you that you are not good enough just because you have a skin condition lov... More »
Janice - I have had it for 60 years from the age of 10. School was horrendous, kids can be cruel. I got ... More »
john,Hulk - hello Janice, I fell your pain with this,funny thing is, because we are used to it and see it eve... More »
john,Hulk - I went in a charity shop the other week to look for records like i do :)the volunteer was coverd,... More »
Sherry - Mine is trying to keep my eyeglasses clear from the flakes... wonder if I shaved my scalp, would ... More »
john,Hulk - hello sharon, i know when i have short hair i tend to have a better clear up on my scalp than i d... More »
john,Hulk - ragazza, cant wait for warm weather,i will get me speedos on and spread out on the beach like a s... More »
Jenn - I started using a 'natural' deodorant (without aluminum). The psoriasis on the bottom of my feet ... More »
Sureshkakarla - strict diet, less stressful environment.
Ragazza - 10 years after being diagnosed with Psoriasis I told my partner he could leave my house and find ... More »
Rand - I wait for the person to notice it and then I try to explain it with comparing it to eczema. I us... More »
adrian - i do not have a love life as i am a gay man and many of the lads that i have been talking to on d... More »
Ragazza - Dating..... well I have one interesting (Sicilian) man. Did date with him when Pso was gone afte... More »
Ax - Skin typically goes dry, flaky than usual ,higher amount of stress
janet - stress as soon as something is a bit challenging the patches go dark red
koren - it affects me all the time especially when the flare up is bad .people look and stare gives me ma... More »
Todd - When I was flaring I hated to travel. Now that I'm clear traveling is fun. Wishe I had more mon... More »
Cathy - I went travelling around south east Asia and had a massive flare up all over my body. Originally ... More »
Cindy - True that
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