Fluke @fluke

Kildonan, Isle of Arran, UK

Apprentice Herbalist, Naturopath and artist


Sarah - Hi Fluke, thats very good news! How long has it taken for your vegan diet to take effect in your ... More »
Fluke - Michelle / Sarah, i went veggie by february 2017, then turned vegan by September and have been si... More »
Sarah - Great Fluke thanks for the details! So glad you have found a plan that is working for you. So it ... More »
Edgars - Hello! I am so sorry to hear that. You might be really interested when you find out about why we ... More »
Olive - Hi friend, I also struggle with face psoriasis. I agree, it really kills my confidence as well, b... More »
Jamie - I recently bought Shikai BORAGE OIL face lotion and it actually seems to be helping.
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