Gabriela @gabrielabee34

Fresno, CA, United States

23 year old psychology student dealing with Bipolar 2 and Psoriasis. Guess no ones swimming in this gene pool.


Kellysheree - Try fish oil caps.. cut the it and put the oil on your flare up! I can't believe how much better ... More »
Shawn - I used to get really bad psoriasis along my lashline, red inflamed edges of lids, infected lashes... More »
Jess - I am currently experiencing a P flare up on my face and do not know what to do. I’ll be seeing my... More »
john,Hulk - hello baby bear,glad you have a good mummy bear :)
Jullie - Love your mum 🙂
Janice - Your mum sounds great.
Jill - It will subside. It sounds like you are having a flare. You need some kind of oil/cream to give... More »
Susan - Gabriela... Answer is yes, or at least that's what I believe. Keep speaking that over yourself..... More »
Gabriela - Thank you Jill and Susan. Your kind words are a medicine in themselves.
Diane - Hugs to you honey. I am using hemp seed oil and finding that is helping with the itchiness and re... More »
Susan - Gabriella you have to try everything possible and never stop trying! Life is too precious!! I kno... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Gabriela, I hope you are feeling better now and also hope you have found relief through throug... More »
Paula - Flare ups are temporary, love is forever! I am very conscious that when I touch anyone at the mom... More »
Gabriela - Thank you for your responses you all have no idea how much they help truly. I feel so lonely all ... More »
Cheryl - I told my husband the night before last I didnt want to be me for the next 24 hours. The discussi... More »
Gabriela - Thank you all for the responses and support. Today has been tougher than most. Had to quit my job... More »
Sadik - Don't say that hon, every problem has a solution
Shawn - Gabriela - I know you are overwhelmed but start reading everything you can about diet and psorias... More »
Raymond - We know what you're going through. Just try to relieve some of your stress somehow as you know th... More »
Gabriela - Thank you so much Susan and Raymond. Your support is so helpful.
port - Hi Gabriela sore throat is one off the triggers to my p soon as I feel it coming on I get a jug o... More »
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