GaryG @garyg

Mississauga, ON, Canada

Hi,I am m/49 Never had psoriasis in my life.I had Hep A&B vaccine in 2015 suggested by FP & I got flares soon after. I believe my Autoimmune condition is caused by vaccine by doctors wont agree & insist its genetical.


Sophia - I to had never had it ate the age of 50 I had my 2nd back surgery. And it started on the bottom o... More »
GaryG - @Sophia, that is the lie they(Doctors) had been taught to tell to the patients. vaccines were nev... More »
Lynn - Totally agree with you @GaryG!!
Alexandros - Yes stress will bring it to the surface but only if its in your system. Mine flared up in my mid ... More »
Rita - That’ll do it. Hopefully life is easier for you and your family now and your skin will be happier.
Rita - I started with psoriasis at age 55, and no one else in the family had an autoimmune disease that ... More »
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