Geraldine @geri18

Busselton, Western Australia, Australia

Life's a beach


steve - Just curious, are those all Norfolk Island Pines that were planted all down by the beach in Busse... More »
Geraldine - Yes they are! We have a beautiful foreshore did you check out our jetty which is 2 km long, Touri... More »
Geraldine - Interesting fact In the early years 1700,1800? They planted pines along the coastline For us... More »
Jen - I'm in Townsville FNQ had the most wonderful rain today at last. Hopefully the dam fills up!
Geraldine - Yes hope it does ,enjoy the rain Jen I was travelling around australia in the 1982 and friends ... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Geraldine! I am very glad to read your positive learnings, how refreshing to th... More »
Geraldine - Thanks guys x I have traveled a long road, certanly being positive is far less stressful than be... More »
Roxanne - Sounds like something we all should do. Geraldine
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