Gideon @gideonjt

Manila, NCR, Philippines

Psorvivor since 2009 Im 25 :D


Susan - Lots of people here find great results with tumeric.
Fern - Have you ever tried putting Turmeric into veggie caps? I've been considering trying it. I'm not g... More »
Deleted account - Hi Fern, 1tsp of turmeric, 1/2 tsp freshly ground black pepper mixed in 1 tbsp of olive oil, mix,... More »
Sarah - Hi Gideon, you know Flaym, interesting stuff every day!
john,Hulk - i am not all the time serious gideon, got to have some good spirits now and again,not vodka thou... More »
john,Hulk - sorry holiday for us flakers is not going to happen this week gideon, just checked my numbers :( ... More »
Jammie - yh sure why not?
john,Hulk - hello gideon, its morning here right now in the uk just gone 8 am, glad you are happy :)
Gideon - looking for crazy people. everyday is a good day and I want to annoy someone. lol. haha
john,Hulk - be careful gideon, dont upset people haha :)
john,Hulk - hello gideon, i would say no, you will know if you have it, the joints will feel painful and or s... More »
Sarah - Great question Gideon, I've been wondering myself what it is like
James - I was called Freddie Krueger one time.
john,Hulk - oh dear, that is funny but not good as you know what freddie kruger is james :(
James - I know who he is. I actually laughed cause I was in a "debate" with a colleague, and winning, and... More »
Susan - Very funny Gideon...
john,Hulk - oh dear, you are funny ,keep em coming :)
Sarah - Thats why they call us Flakers!
Gideon - Tony, It will be legalized in our country. :P
Gideon - Thanks Cheryl! Since when are you taking up this alternative med? Still waiting for legalization... More »
Cheryl - Hi Gideon, only recently heard of the hemp oil,great thing is it doesn't need to be legalized,it ... More »
john,Hulk - now showing at a cinema near you , a widescreen presentation,flakes of skin in 3D remember to br... More »
Sarah - Haha! Ive often thought if my p ever goes I'll get tattoos where it was. So that's pretty much my... More »
Gideon - I have tattoos when its very mild, its fine. I got another tattoo, my P's level up to more than m... More »
john,Hulk - i wish i could help you there gideon, i get fizzing feeling on my one lung sometimes, dont know ... More »
Sarah - I dont have that sensation as such but I used to feel my pulse being slow & heavy after eating ce... More »
Gideon - I think, Im just hallucinating. Lol. haha
Gideon - So we are not different from each other. we are just unique :D
john,Hulk - i have red spots mainly not patches i am glad to say :) well one patch that still needs to leave ... More »
Sarah - Me too Gideon, yes red marks in lots of places but they are deep under the skin, and fading with ... More »
Gerard - I went to town today in mi big coat while everyone else was in their tshirts and shorts m
Psoriatic4good - Few of my friends got psor on every tattoo they get on themselfes, and they are not, not even clo... More »
Abe - Both times I've gotten a tattoo it completely wrecked me. Terrible flare ups, but not on the actu... More »
Cathie - Having my first tattoo was the kick off for my psoriasis, skin trauma
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