Gill @gill4

Dundee, UK

I'm a disable female who lost half a leg and two toes to p and diabetic two years ago


Gill - Did say as my hair was really long as wasn't allow to cut it once started uvb treatment but next ... More »
Sarah - Great idea to take your own Gill! How is the itch now?
Gill - Gone since it been washed with baby shampoo. Order baby moisturiser and wash with my wednes shopp... More »
Mishlyn - So so Happy for you Gill!😃
Sarah - Hey Gill! Great to hear that your skin is looking it's best in a long time! Good medical professi... More »
Gill - Finally going out to a wedding next Saturday wearing a dress first time in years
Sarah - That is so great Gill,, just what everyone here wants to hear!
Gill - Before I found this on FB didn't know anyone with p so felt normal if that make sense and great s... More »
Michelle - Happy to hear about skin Gill. Keep us updated!
Michelle - Wonderful Gill. I'm happy to hear. What treatment are you on?
Gill - Emollion cream and tablet for psoriasis which u need to have blood test as can danger liver etc. ... More »
Sarah - Amazing Gill, that is totally great
Sarah - Hey Gill! I have white spots in my nails sometimes, but they are related to injuries / damage to ... More »
Susan - Not fun Gill... I suspect it is linked to psoriasis. I always suggest dealing with psoriasis fro... More »
Becki - I had spots, then pitted nails. I lost nail on index finger on R hand and nail on L thumb. Took a... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Gill, its so great to hear of your improvement! Sorry to hear about your leg, I hope it can h... More »
Sarah - It's weird how the healing process goes... for me my torso was the last to heal with a guttate ou... More »
Mishlyn - Gill, that is fantastic news! I am really happy to hear it and see that you are feeling well 😊
Sarah - That is just what we want to hear! Excellent news, Gill. How many uvb sessions have you had now? ... More »
Susan - That's terrific Gill...
Chris - Stick on the positive Gill 👍
Sarah - Really glad your ward doctor is happy with your progress Gill. Keep us posted with your progress!
Mishlyn - Great to hear things are going well Gill!
Susan - Gill good to have you back and I bet you feel great being home.
Sarah - So pleased you are out! I hope the support and treatments you've got in place now will be good fo... More »
Bev - It must be so great to sleep and in your bed again. Good luck with the new treatments
Gill - Still waiting but increased them to 25mg from 10mg so fingers crossed
Susan - Oh dear Gill. I'm so sorry you are struggling. I really hope they can get things under control.... More »
Mishlyn - Hope things are getting better Gill! 💚
Mavis - Good luck Gill hope you are home soon and they've got it sorted for you
Mishlyn - Hi Gill! Its really great to hear they have started you on treatment! I hope it works well and yo... More »
Sarah - Good to hear how you're getting on Gill! Really hope your new treatment will kick in soon for you... More »
Gill - Doctor is away to try BUS treatment starting Mon. It never agree with me before but still going t... More »
Gill - Not bus but puva
Sarah - Hope that goes well, Gill!
Sarah - That's great Gill, keep us updated! Really hope it goes well for you.
Gill - Still in ward I've got pustular psoriasis. Due to that can't use steroids cream or have uvb treat... More »
Mishlyn - I am happy you are in a good place to help you get better 😊
Gill - Will do guys. The site has help me lots learn I'm not alone I knew I wasn't be feel like it somet... More »
Mishlyn - That is the best feeling Gill, not feeling alone with this anymore. I am also so grateful having ... More »
Sarah - Fantastic Gill! Some progress! Woohoo!
Carolyn - Gill I had the same! I went on to a dairy/meat free diet and in 2 months my rash has almost disap... More »
Joyce - Flaym, has been a blessing to me....I believe that most of my health issues is coming from my gut... More »
Sarah - Oh Joyce let us know how you get on!
Jakub - Go gluten-free. It really helps.
Sarah - I use The Autoimmune Cookbook by Mickey Trescott. It is awesome. It seemed in the "too difficult"... More »
Mishlyn - The Whole30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom by Melissa Hartwig; Healing Psor... More »
Gill - Thanks John what the best changes to diet that I can do I'm also insulin diabetic
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Gill! Your flare up sounds painful. It's great you're connected here now, to sh... More »
Gill - Thanks sarah
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