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Alan - A doctor suggested you smoke? That is plain crazy!
john,Hulk - yes its true alan though. it was a suggestion and he was careful how he worded it he said, have y... More »
Liz - No not smoke. Just using some oils. One can buy a tincture which means some kind of essential oil... More »
Harold - Hello Liz. So sorry to year of your dear kitty. My one cat just walked across the keyboard now. T... More »
Deleted account - @girlslocker...good thinking Liz, if you keep on top of it and don't let it go dry then you will ... More »
Allyson - So very sorry to hear this. I know well of the grief and sorrow of losing a pet. Keep you Agufor... More »
Juan - Following (I'm in the process of eliminating coffee)
john,Hulk - hello liz. i do decaf coffee with pure honey,given up teas though i loved english tea with milk, ... More »
Ivan Aleksic - Was without caffeine for 2 or 3 months and it had no effects to state of my P. I love coffee, ... More »
Deleted account - Avoid citrus and I think stawberries may be a nightshade, could be wrong about that.
Cheryl - I was told strawberries were a definite no no Dave, much to my distress. I love them.
Deleted account - @chez...thought so Cheryl...can't have it all
Ingrid - 50%THC/50%CBD cannabis oil, put under your tongue at night before sleep (so you will not feel the... More »
john,Hulk - double whammy,you get high and clear skin :)
Allyson - As far as OTC's it worked for me but I don't have it on my palms. It seemed to moisturize but not... More »
Claire - I do try to moisturize in layers. Start with damp not dry hands and use an oil, usually almond ... More »
Liz - Miracle Hand Repair by Miracle of Aloe natural product ?? Where did u get it?
Janice - I have had pustule psoriasis for 27 years on the palms of my hands, in early diagnosis I think I ... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Liz, I did cut out cheeses as well. Except goats cheese. Everything from a cow. I am no long... More »
Tania - Hemp oil where do u get it ,I'm in new Zealand, cheers
Deleted account - @Christobel..hi Tania, hemp oil can be bought in some large supermarkets and health stores here i... More »
Liz - Hi everyone thank you for the welcomes! Is it possible for P to go in remission? I have it on t... More »
Liz - Also has change of diet helped you ???
john,Hulk - hello liz,yes i have had near clear ups in the past but never completely,yes, diet changes and bo... More »
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