Glenn @glenn

Thatcham, United Kingdom

In 2005 I climbed a mountain to enjoy a beer with a pagan god statue, it was in the middle of winter, exhaustive but great fun.


James - I just made a pot of vegetable soup and added a teaspoonful along with the black pepper. On the P... More »
Glenn - I dont have high blood pressure, but I do have thinned blood due to anurysms and clots in both legs
James - I had a TIA 5 years ago so I try to look after myself now. I've been using turmeric in smoothies ... More »
Glenn - I know that feeling James, I went to a village Dr with a very infected big toe and he syringed my... More »
James - Thanks Glen, I needed to laugh, work is stressful this evening and I'm getting tired.
Sarah - Ah wow! My derm told me it would just come and go for maybe my whole life. He said his oldest "ne... More »
Glenn - I stopped taking medication years ago as nothing was working. I only put moisterising cream on in... More »
Michelle - That is amazing Glenn. Sounds like you have the right diet. I'm sure Sarah will second this. She ... More »
Glenn - I first tried it, after reading about the romans using lettuce juice to help sleeplessness. The n... More »
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