Susan @godcares

Vernon, BC, Canada

I have a very great life of goofiness, laughter and love hiking and the lakes all around me, 2 goofy kids too. And my little dog. Kind of feel like I'm in a happy bubble now. Haha... I understand everyone's struggles. My heart goes out to you all


Susan - john I love my avocado's too. I'm not a Huge fan of quinoa so I have adapted the recipe. I make... More »
Sarah - Sounds delicious, Susan! My kefir is going great guns, may graduate to kombucha sometime too. I r... More »
john,darts vader - great, i may have a go at that one in the weekend , thank you susan for the recipe for this :)
john,darts vader - yes , i did see he had gone ,glad he is helping you with that susan, i wont see puddy cat again o... More »
Diane - Hello, I have been a bit snowed under with school stuff and getting my head around a new school y... More »
Hannaley - Hi, I have been busy. Working full time, family life and studying/classes after hours. Miss chatt... More »
Susan - Michelle and john, I actually think my being so sick in my 20's was a blessing in disguise. I ch... More »
john,darts vader - indeed susan like me not often, when i do go out though i live it up,plenty of beer and junk fo... More »
john,darts vader - i mean just inflammatory beer for when i am out :)
Michelle - No you don't Susan :D You're having a Blast! You know that you will find the perfect place for yo... More »
Susan - Thanks Michelle. I do get excited when I discover something new and fun to do. Mine also tastes... More »
Sarah - Hehe Susan it's amazing isn't it how energising doing these things can be! I have found a new ene... More »
Susan - Michelle the way I started was just a post on Facebook. I just said I am looking for a scoby mus... More »
Michelle - I think I will have to give it a try :) Thanks Susan
Susan - Michelle it's just soooo easy. Fun too!
Gail - I too am useing frankincense for my scalp psoriasis!
Susan - Cool Gail. Is it helping with your scalp? I know there are sooooo many here have troubles with t... More »
Sarah - Is it helping Gail? Interesting!
RedSpotEliminator - Susan - so true - if they knew about dieting, then 62% of those surveyed would have gone into rem... More »
Susan - I agree RSE... The thing is you have to want it badly enough to go through the withdrawal process... More »
Bev - Carol it really is worth doing the diet. I did it and had a month without sugar and was feeling g... More »
Susan - You are so welcome RSE... I love people who find their passion.
Peg - Tried watching some of the videos but I am deaf and they are not closed captioned. What were som... More »
Maggiec645 - Thanks Susan, Just check it out. Maggiec645
Susan - Thanks Ellen. Funny thing is that I really am peaceful as of late. Just going with the flow. L... More »
Sarah - Yayyy Susan, you're back! What a time for you though, not easy to deal with but you're sailing th... More »
Joan - Wishing you much health susan, keep fighting. our prayers are with you xxxx
Jane - Lifting you in prayers, wishing to free your stress
Sarah - Hope you're getting on OK, Susan...
Beth - Have been thinking of you, lifting you up in prayer and sending positive vibes your way!!!
RedSpotEliminator - Haha, whatever my wife is trying to get rid of in the fridge usually ends up in my smoothie.
Susan - RSE smart wife. LOL
Heather - Which Moringa product would you recommend?
Marlene - I guess I can’t complain living in Phoenix, AZ area. Actually had bright sunshine and 70s yesterd... More »
Beth - Hi Eugene, I'm 55 from Florida, USA spending this winter in FREEZING cold Maine and now New Jerse... More »
Lynn - @lawmomof3, I’m very jealous!! Miss summer time right now, the warmth of the sun and sitting in ... More »
Julia - You are following Dr. Axes Elimination diet????? Dr. Oz has an elimination diet as well.
Susan - Julia Dr. Oz's is different. It allows things like nuts, more fruit, more vegetables and fish. ... More »
Julia - Ok thank you.
Susan - Good plan Sarah. Later with the legumes. You know sometimes I add chick peas or other beans lik... More »
Sarah - Thanks Susan! I'm starting phase three on Tuesday, and I'll be food shopping for it tomorrow with... More »
Susan - Good for you Sarah. As a mom, for me anyway, when I did this for myself, then I started to rethi... More »
Nan195 - Hi Michelle, would you please give us a daily message about what you ate, how you are feeling etc... More »
Julie - Hope your feeling better soon
Susan - Thank all. Yes, better. Day 3 I think of the diet today. Still taking my Moringa which I am no... More »
Jane - I Love your attitude! It's a big help to get through life stressors.
Susan - Jane thanks. I work very hard at keeping positive about life. Heck, all I have is today and tha... More »
Robin - Keep positive, I have lived with brain cancer for almost 3 years. I don’t even think of it. Nice ... More »
Katrina - Interested in diet please
Susan - Katrina I will send it to you. I just started following you. You should now be able to click my ... More »
Diane - Susan could u please send me the diet also. I'm interested x
Marietes - Merry Christmas to all of you , May God Almighty give us all the courage and will to have and liv... More »
Crystal - Merry Christmas!!! It’s almost time for me to start prepping my side dish to take to my sisters a... More »
Bev - Merry Christmas Crystal. Enjoy your family time even if you don't eat everything they do
Bernice - Me three please!
john,darts vader - you are a busy lady susan,i had this for weeks a while ago, i am glad things have calmed down for... More »
Bernice - Hi Susan. There is a cool app for Android called sparkpeople. I use the free version which is mor... More »
john,darts vader - that does sound rocky to me sarah :) i hope you enjoyd?, it is xmas, i havnt purchased any cakes ... More »
Sarah - John, umm I think enjoy is a massive understatement...😂 At least I did make it and know exactly w... More »
john,darts vader - yes thats good, if one wants these things at least you know whats in it :) i just find it very st... More »
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