Susan @godcares

Vernon, BC, Canada

I have a very great life of goofiness, laughter and love hiking and the lakes all around me, 2 goofy kids too. And my little dog. Kind of feel like I'm in a happy bubble now. Haha... I understand everyone's struggles. My heart goes out to you all

Maria Corazon - Susan where can I buy this Moringa how to use it.
Diane - Interesting. I have one growing on my heel. I never imagined for one moment it possibly could hav... More »
john - hello maria, you can find it on ebay,must be pure by 100% pure :)
Julia - Hi Susan thank you for your advise I really appreciate it and I did buy Moringa but have not been... More »
Susan - Julia you are welcome. Ningxia is a very similar company to the one I get Moringa from. Natural... More »
Julia - Yes I hope so as well.
Paul - My pleasure, anything I can do to help:D
Lorna Penner - I was using the same ointment as you Paul,,the psoriasin,,and found it very helpful a few times a... More »
Paul - omg I've used Betaderm as well lol...I can't count how many products I"ve used for this over the ... More »
Susan - Jacqui that is very sweet. Yes, we all live very far from each other. This is true but love is ... More »
Susan - Hey Dave... That is a good challenge. I might get beat up though. LOL. Hmmmm. Should I, shoul... More »
Dave - Only one way to find out Sue.....go know you want to now....😉
Dave - Good shout Sue, I was going to suggest bio oil and plenty of hydration.
dimidi - Thanks Susan .I couldn't replay to your answer ,thats why here. ..What is Moringa powder? I wil c... More »
Susan - Dimidi one lamp uses UVB bulbs the other is UVA along with a medication. I did both. You can ju... More »
Susan - Isn't that the truth John. The BEST thing I ever did was clean house with the people in my life.... More »
Lorna Penner - Count your blessings name them one by one!
Susan - Lorna Penner... I love that song! Used to sing it to my kids all the time!
Jacqueline - Hey Dave & Susan - you can call me Ambassador Bean now heh heh 😝
Dave - Welcome aboard Ambassador Bean, lol...😉🤣 many thanks Flaym 👍🏻
Susan - Jacqueline, welcome to the high rollers club. LOL...
Susan - Jacqueline it is still a bit new with my guy but yes, he is lovely and very kind. Best thing is ... More »
Janice - So pleased you had a great day Susan, long may it continue.
Susan - Thank you Janice. I work very hard daily to make sure I stay in my happy bubble. It's a good li... More »
Susan - MishLyn you are funny. I too have a hard time understanding how people just have a difficult tim... More »
Ajit - Susan, reading through your posts, I totally agree with you on living life to the fullest...It do... More »
Susan - Ajit thank you and good for you. We were not made to live life small but to be the light that sh... More »
Susan - Thanks John. It's a tough life for so many. Nothing we can do but give people a little loving o... More »
agb - Happy Thanksgiving! Eat some turkey for me.
Susan - Good attitude.
Marietes - Happy thanksgiving fellow Canadians and have a blessed Sunday every one..
Marietes - Happy thanksgiving fellow Canadians and have a bless Sunday every one in any part of the world😊
Susan - Thank you Lorna Penner. You as well Marietes my sister Canadian!
Susan - Thanks john. Glad you liked it.
Susan - michael you are funny but you do know me. If I could I would sing my little heart out here on Fl... More »
Susan - Jacqueline glad you liked it. I agree. Even on a very bad day it can lift you up just a bit even.
Susan - Thanks Nan195 and Chris... Unfortunately no foot massage. Timing just didn't work. That's ok th... More »
Joel - I love a foot ice bath for my feet. Only when an Ice cold stream isn't nearby. Remember 10-15 min... More »
Susan - Thanks Joel. I now end my evening with a great bath and my feet sit on an ice pack. Works wonde... More »
Susan - Thank you Michael. You are very sweet. God has always had my back and I trust that this is goin... More »
michael - It is a pleasure to know you.
Susan - Back at you Michael!
Susan - Thank you Jayne. It's going to be fun.
Jullie - Nice one. 🙂
Jullie - Things can only get better. 🤘🏻🙂
melissa - love that song
Susan - Glad you like it Melissa. It's one I listen to quite often.
Susan - John you are so right. Thank the Lord I dont worry. No point. Just came back from the doctor a... More »
melissa - i have same problem here it flaking ,itch and bleeding .. let me know what they find out what th... More »
Susan - melissa I found out that all I have is a bit of ear wax near my ear drum. Going to put oil in my... More »
Gideon - it will J, try to get hold of some cream with comfrey as the main ingredient.. should heal it soo... More »
Gideon - Susan, you'll be fine .. try and get a cream with comfrey as active ingredient for the skin wound.
Susan - Gideon thank you. I've heard of comfrey. What I did though is I put aloe vera gel on it a few t... More »
Susan - Thank you Jill. I can only imagine that someone out there has a similar story. It's fun too goi... More »
Nan195 - Overthinking may be a female thing 😀 We probably all do it to make sense of a situation. We may... More »
Susan - Nan195... Spot on.... We females are VERY smart. LOL
Kim - No offence Susan but this is not the place to post about your new men. We have been trying to sto... More »
Susan - Kim that is not my intention. My intention is to show people that there is hope outside of psori... More »
Kim - Your posts are stating to look like Facebook updates which this is not. A lot of people here are ... More »
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