Susan @godcares

Vernon, BC, Canada

I have a very great life of goofiness, laughter and love hiking and the lakes all around me, 2 goofy kids too. And my little dog. Kind of feel like I'm in a happy bubble now. Haha... I understand everyone's struggles. My heart goes out to you all

Roxanne - Sure Susan .Send me the info.
Marty - I am very interested in this! Could you please send me the info?
Susan - Marty I can't send it to you as there is no way to private message you. Not sure why? If you pr... More »
Susan - Good Nan. I went alone as everyone had Christmas things going on. Only about 6 people in the th... More »
Jennifer - Can't wait to see it, the trailers are hilarious 😂
Susan - Jennifer you won't regret it. So many funny scenes.
Paul - Love it Susan :D thanks
Lorna Penner - That s funny!
Nan195 - Thanks Susan, had a good laugh 🤣🤣
James - Go to YouTube and type in Samuel L Jackson Lullaby.
Sarah - That is beautiful
Susan - OMGoodness James. That video with Samuel L. Jackson is absolutely HILARIOUS! If any parent is h... More »
Paul - Actually you really have something there's proven that medial marijuana has a lot o... More »
Otto_M_Moon - By all means Paul, fire one up
Paul - it's not about getting high anymore...I just started with high CBD and now my legs aren't' bothe... More »
Susan - Aww Nan... Thanks. You are an angel too. Lots of Angels on this site. :)
john - hello susan, you are great,earth angel sounds great too for you :)you are busy susan :)thanks sha... More »
Susan - Yup. john you and your humor... LOL
Nan195 - Aaahhh Susan I am so happy for you, happy that you have started your own business and happy that ... More »
Susan - Indeed Paul. I have great playlists on my phone. A huge variety from Gospel, Rock, country.... ... More »
Susan - Thanks Nan... It's really been fun and money in my pocket to get going on my bucket list!
Sarah - Hi Susan, I am new to flaym... just wondering if you could send me the elimination diet (I have s... More »
Nan195 - Hi Sarah, welcome to our P family of amazing people. Here you will get answers, chat and share y... More »
Christina - Hi Susan, I am new to Flaym and seen your comment on a thread mentioning an elimination diet. Is ... More »
Susan - You betcha Nan... Believe me, it took me time and I am still a work in progress...
Nan195 - You’re doing good Susan and sharing it all with us, Thank you ❤️🌹
Suzanne - Love this, great for you!
Nan195 - Hi John, Marks and Spencers in the UK is Woolworths here 😀 beautiful Stores 🌹
agb - Totally agree Shawn. Its a mess.
Jacqueline - Veg DOES grow with out pesticides - all it means is the bugs have a meal before we get to them. ... More »
Theresa - 😟just closed my FB page it became stressful
Dex - We are merely the universe experiencing itself with the ability to either be an observer or to ha... More »
Susan - Thanks all. I actually bought some coconut sugar. Never even heard of it. I'll add some of tha... More »
Otto_M_Moon - The professor made a radio out of coconut shells
Susan - Oh yeah will21... I remember the professor...
Don - are goofy my friend. don
Susan - Thanks Don... I guess... LOL
Cherryl - Susan, you are one chilled momma!! I love that. I love dogs, we have a 3 year old miniature poodl... More »
Mike - Puppies build character :)
Sherry - Lol.. That's what puppies are good for Susan... That and lots of lovins!!
Lorna Penner - I have a friend and her sister both have it the sister is worse and lives in ?/ Campbell River a... More »
Susan - Yup Nan... Control freaks, but it is all in the mind. Being mindful and living in the moment has... More »
Harold - They say I have CDO; That's OCD, but in the correct alphabetical order.
Susan - Dickey very funny. I used to know many people/friends that I wanted to do this too. I chose to ... More »
Michelle - LOL!! 🤣 Love that Susan! Thanks for sharing! 😀
Harold - Must be an office chair, the ones with the wheels because only those have 5 "legs" to make it a r... More »
john - i will have a look susan thanks :)
Chris - Is that colour or black n white Susan ? 😉
Susan - Color Chris.
sybil - Thank you for that! I have only had it for two months so still in that somewhat shocked disbeli... More »
Susan - Hi Sybil... You will see tons of stuff here to help you. Because you are so new to psoriasis, pl... More »
Nan195 - Hi Sybil, Welcome to Flaym and our amazing P Family. Feel free to read all Posts and responses,... More »
Susan - Will21 you are funny. Rinse cycle. Hahahaha... Yes,the water intake is a big deal. After 2 kid... More »
will21 - When I wake up and pee, I take another drink. But what water my bloodstream carried to my cells... More »
will21 - I'm making up a bunch of blue bird broth to drink tonight
john - self stress management it is ,try to calm the situation before it gets out of hand,i learnt this ... More »
Susan - john it's funny... Not really but in the care home I worked at last summer for a bit, the food wa... More »
john - thats true susan,yes pretty much like where i work,inflammatory foods given out all the time,saus... More »
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