Susan @godcares

Vernon, BC, Canada

I have a very great life of goofiness, laughter and love hiking and the lakes all around me, 2 goofy kids too. And my little dog. Kind of feel like I'm in a happy bubble now. Haha... I understand everyone's struggles. My heart goes out to you all


Susan - Hellow Michael... Long time no chat. That's so kind of you to say and I wish I could take the cr... More »
Claire - Wow! I'm late to the conversation. I hope things have worked out in your favor.
Lorna Penner - This is old message. Im taking tumerac and honey for pain and inflammation and its helping.
Bev - Thanks Susan. Yes we just do week 4 for 2 weeks and then if we still not happy we'll do another week
john,Hulk - Thank you Bev, This is my holiday snap taken by my gorgeous lady Thank you :)
Michelle - Thank you Bev. Well you are a beautiful lady and grey is the new sexy ;) I'm not going to conce... More »
Jane - Congratulations to you all. Wishing you the best on this new chapter of your life.
Susan - Thanks again for your well wishes. I am more blessed than words can ever say!!!
Sarah - Happy wedding Susan!
Sarah - Susan we will all be there in spirit!
Glenn - I will be there in 3 yrs time, I have decided to invade Canada for my 60th enroute to BC with a s... More »
Susan - Thanks all for the well wishes. So far nothing has shown up in my blood work. Going now for a C... More »
Bev - Welcome to the Flaym family Mabel
MariaL - Congratulations Susan! Thats really a very wonderful news. A P is not a hindrance of our Happines... More »
Susan - Back on for the first time in a few weeks. Still just reading posts without comments. Lots of c... More »
Bev - So happy for you Susan. Yes it's Mother's day in SA tomorrow as well
Sumonds (SUE) - So happy for you xx
john,Hulk - Good Susan,glad you are enjoying yourself,ye sometimes its good to have a break from the flakey s... More »
Mishlyn - Really happy for you Susan!! Enjoy all if your new adventures!
michael - My very good friend even in a lot a pain Angel
john,Hulk - Great Susan, sounds like you are livin the dreeeeaaaaam :)
James - Roy Rogers arrived in Holywood for the premier of his latest movie. He checked into the Hollywood... More »
Susan - James you must be in a good mood too. LOL. Thanks for the chuckle.
Michelle - Hi Elaine. Where are you from. I agree with Ruben. It's not good to use those creams. Do you suff... More »
Susan - Hi Elaine. Welcome to this amazing family. Lots of great ideas and funny stuff too. I was very... More »
Imre - I've suffered with P for the last 37 years and was diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis 10 years ago... More »
Susan - Connie it is very restrictive and boring at the beginning. It does get better though. At the en... More »
Rose - Susan, thanks for not only sending me your elimination diet, but many others. You are a sweety, a... More »
Susan - That's kind to say Rose. I've been doing this a very long time so the last year I really just st... More »
john,Hulk - Oh dear, thats funny susan ,made me laugh, shake a few flakes off :)
Mavis - Will have to remember that one Susan 😁
Suzanne - Love this...
Susan - Shawn unfortunately they did that here too. Once she was 18 she made that choice. I wouldn't al... More »
Connie - Susan, has she tried any essential oils? I just got into DoTerra oils in Oct this past year. I ha... More »
Susan - Hi Connie. I get my Moringa from a company called Zija. They also have pure essential oils. I ... More »
Connie - Wow! That's me.....whatever the kids wanted, no matter whether I wanted it also....they got it! M... More »
Bev - Totally me too. Even with my grown up children. But I am trying to stop and think first before al... More »
Susan - Thanks Connie for the compliment. Believe me... I have done therapy, taken self help courses, re... More »
Lorna Penner - I love curry tumerac,,coconut milk over chicken drumsticks,,a bit of potato,,onions.
Ruben - @Lorna, should be good with sweet potato as well. For me that would be the way to go. Regular pot... More »
Michelle - Last night I had a biltong and chicken salad (biltong is a SA food (lean meat which is salted an... More »
Susan - john I love my avocado's too. I'm not a Huge fan of quinoa so I have adapted the recipe. I make... More »
Sarah - Sounds delicious, Susan! My kefir is going great guns, may graduate to kombucha sometime too. I r... More »
john,Hulk - great, i may have a go at that one in the weekend , thank you susan for the recipe for this :)
john,Hulk - yes , i did see he had gone ,glad he is helping you with that susan, i wont see puddy cat again o... More »
Diane - Hello, I have been a bit snowed under with school stuff and getting my head around a new school y... More »
Hannaley - Hi, I have been busy. Working full time, family life and studying/classes after hours. Miss chatt... More »
john,Hulk - i mean just inflammatory beer for when i am out :)
Lorna Penner - Which spices did you use Susan?
Susan - Lorna Penner I use basil in almost everything. Can't remember them all but salt/pepper/tumeric/g... More »
Mishlyn - No you don't Susan :D You're having a Blast! You know that you will find the perfect place for yo... More »
Susan - Thanks Michelle. I do get excited when I discover something new and fun to do. Mine also tastes... More »
Sarah - Hehe Susan it's amazing isn't it how energising doing these things can be! I have found a new ene... More »
Susan - Michelle the way I started was just a post on Facebook. I just said I am looking for a scoby mus... More »
Mishlyn - I think I will have to give it a try :) Thanks Susan
Susan - Michelle it's just soooo easy. Fun too!
Susan - Cool Gail. Is it helping with your scalp? I know there are sooooo many here have troubles with t... More »
Sarah - Is it helping Gail? Interesting!
Ava - I added one drop each of frankincense and myrrh to a couple drops of grapeseed oil, then rubbed i... More »
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