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I’ve had inverse psoriasis for about a year, so far with limited success on the treatment front.


Greg - When I can I do. But I can’t really at the office, especially as the ointments grease stain cloth... More »
James - I have a similar problem but I carry a can of Vaseline spray on moisturiser. I just take 10 minut... More »
Greg - Great advice. I’ll have a look! Cheers
Jen - Ouch. That's never pleasant Greg. Steroid creams are good to calm it down if it's bad. But don't ... More »
Jen - Yes try that Greg. There's one that s made with cornstarch, Aloe and Vit E.
Millionways - You can use lubricate zinc ointment or bepanthen / dexpanthenol ointment. This can also be lubric... More »
Sarah - Sudocrem is good!
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