Hannah @hannah1993


Scalp psoriasis sufferer since 2016 - hasn’t stopped me living a happy and healthy lifestyle... yet!


Mishlyn - Good to see you Hannah :) I hope you do not experience that side effect! Anxiety is tough. I have... More »
Hannah - funnily enough, i’m taking the meds for nerves as my driving test is soon! was getting fed up of ... More »
Sarah - I took betablockers a few times for a very specific anxiety (a phobia) a few years ago. It never ... More »
Mishlyn - Aww Hannah, how frustrating! I am sorry to hear that. I have also been having a lot of anxiety fr... More »
Susan - I took a few courses in my time Hannah. Anxiety usually means thinking of the future. Depressio... More »
Sarah - Hmm that's a pickle, when your meds exacerbate things in your medical history. Have you already t... More »
Mishlyn - Thanks Hannah! Happy Anniversary! ❤
Sarah - That's a lovely week for you Hannah! ✨✨✨
Bev - Congrats on your Anniversry Hannah ❤️
RedSpotEliminator - Yes, when it comes to psoriasis, as the old saying goes, you are what you eat. If you have a ble... More »
steve - oh, and if you can find galangal, get an oz of it daily as well. It's another big NF-kB inhibitor.
Mishlyn - Hi Hannah, I have also had really good success with dietary changes and supplements. An eliminati... More »
RedSpotEliminator - Try putting coconut oil on the back of your ear?
Hannah - Thank you all for your comments and suggestions, I am enjoying the fact that my psoriasis isn’t t... More »
Sarah - Hi Hannah, welcome to Flaym! Yesss! Celebrate the good times! 🎉🎉🎉 Hmm the spreadage isn't great b... More »
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