Harold @harold

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

I'm not all that I'm cracked up to be. I'm sure that some CSIs picked up my DNA at some crime scenes I might have passed when the wind was blowing.


Paul - Lemons
Sarah - Good to see you back Harold! That's a shame that your alternative attempts for psoriasis improvem... More »
Mishlyn - Welcome Back Harold! Sorry your alternatives were not successful. I have been using Moringa since... More »
Bev - So lovely lovely to feel cool for a change. Happy New Year to you too Harold
Susan - Happy New Year to you as well. I bet your house smelled amazing!
Polyp - That's a bugger about your fingers. You could try a Baritone ukulele. Same tuning as guitar, only... More »
Janice - Thank you Harold and the same to you too.
Sarah - Happy holidays Harold 💙
Mishlyn - Thank you Harold! Happy Christmas to you as well! :)
Deleted account - The “Kirby kids” get everywhere, they used to knock doors trying to sell where I used to live, he... More »
Nan195 - The latest Kirby will give you a body massage first and then vac up all the flakes 😀😀
Deleted account - So will the Au Pair Nan 🤣🤣
Deleted account - ....oh it's a banned word..lol..they still have those< spotted cat> colonies like in molokai haw... More »
Kristi - I'm in hot Texas and my Psoriasis is much worse in the heat. Heat hates me. My legs swell and itc... More »
Deleted account - Kristi.... just do your part to Keep Austin Weird ;-)
Ats - VitD
Harold - Nail problem has improved greatly. Thanks for the advice friends.
john,Hulk - thats good news harold, they should grow well now to become great scratchers :)
john,Hulk - haha harold, what acracker heee hee,maybe i should stop drinking too much water, i nearly peeed m... More »
Susan - God Harold... Very funny! Thanks for the laugh.
michael - Thanks for the laughLOL. Anymore
john,Hulk - thats funny harold , :)
Nan195 - Happy Heritage Harold, all the best in our beautiful country🇿🇦
Cindy - I created a snowdrift yesterday when I got up after sitting out in the swing in the backyard. Im... More »
Deleted account - I check on here first thing, plus my pages, the Fb groups I'm admin on, the forum I run with thre... More »
Janice - Busy, busy man Dave, how did we manage before the internet, I am so pleased I have the internet i... More »
Deleted account - Lol, busy enough Janice, I have people I communicate with in Aus and the U.S. so the time differe... More »
Sherry - 👍👍
Cheryl - Helps to be able to hear Harold lol. Good luck with the skin ... winter has been very mild here s... More »
Shawn - I keep threatening to get glasses but instead I squint and pretend my vision is fine - I'm sure w... More »
Cindy - I would love to go to the uk john..but only when the weather is on it's best behaviour... I nurse... More »
john,Hulk - , the uk is so umpredictable cindy,,could be hot now and raining next minute still hot clammy,win... More »
agb - wrap your hands in a warm towel and rub some olive oil on your hands at night.
Jullie - Hahaha good sense of humour.🙂
Susan - Very funny. Twins. I heard that pet owners resemble their dogs. Hahaha.
Harold - I always thought that it's the owners who resemble their pets...Ha ha ha.
john,Hulk - have a good weekend to if no one steals your cable internet connection harold :)
Cheryl - Welcome back ... frustrating when it is supposed to be fixed .. and fails.
john,Hulk - i am sure you are not itching for monday to come harold? :)
Liz - I totally get it. Weekends rule. This is going to sound weird but I've had hives come up . I don... More »
Nan195 - Got to be itchy all over...Monday's here and time to shine for the whole new week. Have a happy ... More »
Nan195 - Enjoy the weekend, do what makes you happy and take care everyone xo
Psoriatic4good - I wish You all merry friday (again) :)
craig - Its been a Tough week with all that has happened with the Cape Storm and Fires- I think every on... More »
valerie - that's cute!.....i'm a cat lover....:)
Psoriatic4good - Maine Coon <3 I would soooo like to have one!
Jose Palma - You're an inspiration man! It is a tough one for me not to take Life so seriously.
Christine - I just was diagnosed with psoriasis a week ago today. So far it's gotten a lot better with the pr... More »
Cheryl - Sounds like a plan :)
john,Hulk - christine, yes, its a bummer, you see scales then you get stressed out then it gets worse,probabl... More »
john,Hulk - haha,good to have asense of humour :)i did see it on a stool in a local fair in my village,i was ... More »
john,Hulk - i said to her, i dont need it,i am clearing my skin up,she said what do you use,2 litres of bottl... More »
john,Hulk - why i like cats,with their little motor sound of purrring and soft fur to stroke, what a good way... More »
Alan - You've not met our cat!
Harold - Typing with my left hand because my one cat (also a rescue) has popped up and is lying across my ... More »
john,Hulk - yes, lifestyle changes do help me a lot,skin near on clear :)
Harold - Hi Mrsjonesjnr. I always felt that there was not enough hours in a day but then I realised that I... More »
Mandy - Thank you Harold I am drinking lots of bottled water,yes I am on my holiday with my husband and m... More »
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