Harrison @harrison

Ukiah, CA, United States

Hi, I'm 43-years-old, never had psoriasis before until 18 months ago, initially on my legs which is now 'under control' but now other areas, some bad and tender which is being treated with creams etc - I am soon to try 'light' treatment whatever that is. I moisturise etc but it doesn't seem to want to go. Its embarrassing, stressful and sometimes painful - Any solutions or ideas are welcomed.


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Ed @Mister

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I like photography,travel and the outdoors.
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Louise @louise2616
iI Am 46 ..I suffer from psoriasis and psoraatic arthritus have done for 20 p...
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janet @janet

Kent, WA, United States

i am the mum of four nan of seven boys now i am a mum of two beautiful dogs
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nicholas @nikjj

Dunstable, United Kingdom

Hi my name is nik and i am 37. I have had P since i was about 11 and have ...
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