Haydn @haydn

Hull, United Kingdom

24 year old DJ & Professional Singer, suffering with Psoriasis of course!


Haydn - Thanks for the replies! I shall give your suggestions a go and try and figure out what's causing ... More »
michael - Try some anti histamines as you may be reacting in the night.
Alfredo - Hi Haydn! My mom purchased a somewhat expensive humidifier that I keep on through the night. Over... More »
Michelle - That is fantastic Hayden! I love that not much has changed and it's gotten better :) May I ask if... More »
Haydn - Yes and no, as much as it looks so much better and isn't sore, plus I don't even need to moisturi... More »
Susan - I'm happy things are getting better. Keep on this site. Loads of great information. I consider... More »
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