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Rina - I had no idea about this!
Sarah - Urhhh no sorry to hear this! Not nice for you...
john,Hulk - Sorry about this Heather, i gave up oranges clemintines etc a long while ago, whether they affec... More »
Clint - Yahoo great news best wishes for the future
Michelle - That is fantastic news Heather. You are going to rock that job and show them what you're made off... More »
Bev - Such good news Heather. Congrats and enjoy the new job
Michelle - Hi Heather. I do get my days where I'm constantly hungry. Hungry for crappy food. I get all the v... More »
Sarah - In my case, hunger like this = period is due or I am pregnant! Any of those? I also did feel hung... More »
Bev - When that happened to me it ended up that I had ulcers
Heather - Heather, yes, I talked to the owner last Thursday. He’s waiting on permits and inspections. I jus... More »
Heather - Heather sounds like you have done your homework, hopefully everything comes together soon. Waitin... More »
Heather - Thank you doll
Michelle - Sue, I don't really have a sweet tooth but when I crave for a chocolate, it has to been a coconut... More »
Heather - Thanks y’all
Sarah - Great question!
Lizann - Great news well done
Sarah - Yesss Heather, onwards and upwards!
Heather - Thank you 😊
Michelle - Wonderful! Have a great time and I'm happy for you :)
Sarah - That's what I'm talking abouuuuut! Massive milestone. Wahoo!
Heather - Thanks y’all Seriously Sarah! To others without psoriasis they wouldn’t understand how hide t... More »
Heather - Thank you! You know what’s even more beautiful!? His Momma! She still texts and or calls me 3-5 d... More »
Michelle - You have a close bond with his mom Heather and that is wonderful. You might have lost your husban... More »
Heather - Ohh absolutely 😊
john,Hulk - Hello chel, you can make IBS better though, i had it bad and reversed it with taking stuff out of... More »
Theba - I’m so sorry heather your a beautiful strong woman I admire your courage
Heather - Thank you Theba 💙
Mishlyn - Hope you had a wonderful Birthday Heather! 🎈🎈🎈
Heather - Thanks y’all! It was a blast.
Candice - Belated birthday wishes!
Heather - Thank you
Felix - Your welcome.
Jill - I use a cbd capsule every day...helps me to sleep and keeps anxiety at bay...best stuff yet..no r... More »
Mishlyn - I hope your skin will react soon too Heather! I may have asked already...but have your tried Lemo... More »
Michelle - Michelle, I have made myself a salad in a jar this morning before coming to work. It looks absolu... More »
Clint - Mason jar salad is an awesome idea
Sarah - Not me Heather but I wish I had!
anthony - gona start with lemon so i will track progress with photos starting tonight...
Mishlyn - I did track my skin with pictures after my last big flare up. I wasn't using lemon at the time, b... More »
Sarah - Absolutely. I've been following a very strict autoimmune protocol with my diet for a long time no... More »
Viv - Hi, sorry to jump in but please could you explain what diet you are following? Thanks :)
Heather - I’m doing a low gluten, low histamine, alcohol free diet. I’m just getting started and already my... More »
Heather - @mishlyn Alcohol, cheese, pickled products, tomatoes and tomato products, strawberry and strawb... More »
Mishlyn - YES!! You Can!! 😀🎉 A positive mind frame leads the way to success & you have that down! 💚
Sarah - Great! Those are all high histamine foods Heather! I am thinking that may help with any itching.
john,Hulk - Fantastic Heather, i hope to hear some good posts from you with improvement or improvements ,bes... More »
Sarah - That sounds like a great approach Heather! Great to have you here. Love your positivity! Stress i... More »
IDA - I am using Ashawanga organic from Trusted Nutrients on Amazon for my stress level and it keeps me... More »
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