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Pat - I had a goid response also, but later found that I had my bone density scan was awful.
Pat - Ouch-"goOd". How can one edit a post?
hilary - Hi Lorna - I'm in the UK. Elliot - It's a genetically modified to be like human cells - I Thin... More »
hilary - Hi Bali - Have Atarax on prescription - doesn't help my itching/burning, but does make me more sl... More »
john,Hulk - i can remember the days staying up scratching and feeling rubbish for school or when going to wo... More »
Lorna Penner - I drink lots of hot water with lemon slice and honey (unpasturized honey) several times a day an... More »
Jānis - Yes! I wake up every morning, all bed is just full whit white snow! My vacuum cleaner is working ... More »
hilary - Thanks both it's exhausting! x
Suzie - Hilary ...as I lay here scratching ....know that I am thinking of my fellow forum sufferers ........ More »
Rose - I didn't know there was any clinics for this problem my doctor just give me creams to try then my... More »
hilary - Have had 3 biologics, all helped for a while, one for a few years - was bliss to feel human/not i... More »
hilary - Rose - my route was GP, then referred to Dermatologist at local hospital, then when he couldn't h... More »
Ragazza - sorry...only injections here...
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