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I have psoriasis almost 90% of my body and I think I'm beginning to get psoriatic arthritis. I'm 33 years old and was diagnosed around 9 or 10. I need to find people with P to relate to and not feel so alone.


Jen - Yes I did a long time ago when p was inflamed and I scratched and it all got infected. Not anymore.
A - Yes, I did. Went back to the doctor twice, because I was afraid. Still not compleetly being com... More »
Rains - Hope all is well with you
Sarah - Great ideas Heather, glad you'll be looking into a few things to help. My GP also recommended eat... More »
eric - I was in remission for about 3 weeks,, now ankles are starting up again and a couple of spots on ... More »
Lynn - I’m in Pa, Heather! The other coast, lol.
Fran - Same coast, same time zone, but north! Vancouver BC, Canada.
Lindakay1948 - I love this post Heather and I especially like Sarahs"Woman of Mystery" idea...the fact is I thin... More »
Sue1963 - I know exactly how you're feeling. My life revolves around this miserable disease. I'm so tired o... More »
Lindakay1948 - My Feet are my nemesis Sue and yes my Dear they hurt,they bleed and the cracks are horrific somet... More »
Caitlyn - I have bad inverse. Yes it smells. No matter now much i rinse and use qv was it doesn't go away. ... More »
Nikki - Inverse P often gets a fungal infection, which is that nasty smell. Steroid creams and antifungal... More »
Sarah - Hi Nikki, great to see you! Was wondering how you are doing.
john,Hulk - Nope, i am a lifer michael, i have had it on my privates all my life,hard place to shift without ... More »
Heather - Michael, I've heard of people going into remission meaning it becomes inactive for awhile but nev... More »
Sarah - Ah Michael, have you seen your derm to see what options you have available to you? Some people ha... More »
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